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Welcome back. This is the bench hero show. So for a lot of woke people that the goal here is not actually solving racism in any real way. The goal here is about making themselves feel good at the expense of everybody else. The goal here is about I'm better than you. And truly were privileged to live in such a generation when the only good people have ever lived. As I said yesterday on the show, it is incredible. We live in a generation, which the on ly good people live. You was just not a good person, Not a man of his time. Bad person got to tear down the statue of Washington Jefferson. Bad people. You would have been better than they had you lived in Because you are a good person, and we know you're a good person is because you go to protest because of post stuff on Facebook and also because you doctor people on Twitter you are an incredible person. Incredibly, you're bettering appearance. You are. There's an entire Washington post piece about how young people generations he and millennials they're better than their baby boomer and millennial Parents Day. There's better, inherently better. For example, it was a great person. This guy named Charlie. My, He's great. He's great because you went to a black lives matter Protest now their father, his father was not happy about it. Glenn Mai's retired FBI agent had been raised in Dallas by Chinese immigrants who had taught him he would succeed if he just worked hard. Chinese culture is very much about working within the system, said Glenn, 54. He served for decades in law enforcement, and he came to believe this is tomorrow. His son, Charlie took a different view. Charlie's the hero of this story. My father deeply believes that everyone has a fair chance, which is just basically untrue, said Charlie, an artist who fled New York for his family's home in Northern Virginia because of the pandemic. Very Asian. To me that view that if everyone just works hard, everything will turn out right for them indefinitely. A little reacted to that because I think that's delusional, says the guy who was an artist in New York and was able to go to his family home in Northern Virginia that his dad worked for now. Who do you think experience more racism in American society? Charlie, 20 for an artist. Or Dad Glenn, who grew up in Dallas, a Chinese person in law enforcement. Who do you think experience more racism? I have a feeling. I know the answer to this one. Hey, or let's take another example from the article. Ah girl named Giselle Quintero. She's 18. A team who's half African American had come to live with her family in their Marysville, California home, and Quintero has come to regard her has come to regard her 15 year old cousin Maura's brother, She was their cousin in their family as protesting Gulf the nation while her conservative farming community reign quiet, 18 year old college didn't decided she had to act. It upset me to see how unjustly black people are being treated have a platform in this little community, so I knew I had to do something to help out, said Quintero. In early June, she posted news on social media of a protest in front of a mall near her house. Her parents, Mexican American business owners and strong Trump supporters, vocally opposed your plans. At first, My parents were like this is stupid. All lives matter, Quintero said. They didn't understand the big picture of it. But the system is so messed up and nobody deserves having me on the neck for eight minutes over $20 count with the bill. Quintero said she grew up hearing her grand parents tell stories about how they were prohibited from drinking it. Whites only fountains after long, hot days of working in the fields. I just kind of suppressed those memories and tried to distinguish themselves by their hardworking achievements and Quintero, and they're still not being accepted by the white community. So her parents and grand parents are bad. Her grand parents experience actual, full out racism, whites only fountains having to work in the fields for living. And then they tried to distinguish themselves by their hard work and achievement. But they're the bad ones because they're not protesting the system. She's the good one. She's an 18 year old. What community college students. Just well done all around, were creating a generation of people whose virtue is tied up in declaring that the parents are evil and racist, even though they themselves have not experienced any serious Repercussions for the race. This is what I'm sorry. This is just It's an absurdity. It's an absurdity. The younger generation, declaring itself more virtuous than the older generation on the back of experiencing less discrimination and then castigating their elders for having worked hard and getting ahead. It's everything. It is why the country is in serious trouble. Because when you tell people there What you get. This is what you got. By the way, these kids are not making the world a better place one's torn statue down at a time and one Instagram posted a time they're not Instead, they're just dividing people. There instead of clearing system we all share together. Is an evil, horrible system. Either way, everybody is everything is being canceled, which is which is exciting stuff. I think we should actually accelerate the process. By the way, we should just cancel everything. Because if everybody is cancelled, then nobody is cancelled. Today. The council culture is coming for Jimmy Kimmel because Back in the 19 nineties, he cut a fake rap album. In which apparently he used the n word. And it was considered funny back in the nineties because he was a white guy. Doing a rap album was actually making fun of him for being very white was the idea, but now he's bad right? Justice. He was bad for making fun of Karl Malone. Justus. Jimmy Fallon is bad Justice Tina Fey's that everybody is bad except those that the won't declare. Not bad and the way that you declare the way that you get declared. Not bad is, of course, by repeating all the slogans that people in the world left wish you to declare. The problem is that once you declare those slogans As I said before, is just like the scene in the in the movie where the bad guy comes to the good guy and blackmail is the good guy. And says I have this piece of evidence right here and you're gonna give me what I want A good guy says How do I know you won't use it later in the bag? I says you don't Dad is the world that we now live in. So I think we should just accelerate the council culture. Let's just assume from here on out, everybody's cancelled. You know, we used to do this. Religious people have done this for literally millennia assumed everybody is cancelled. Why? Because they're all sinful by nature. See the left believes that everyone is perfectible. Whereas religion it seems everybody is sinful, so religion can forgive. Where's the left? Cannot forgive sin. Instead, the left just doubles down on the idea that if you send, you must be made to pay forever and always. And if you think I've paid enough today, don't worry. They'll be back tomorrow Woke left, They'll be back for more. Are you coming up? We're joined by Dr Marty McCarry from Johns Hopkins University to talk about the spike in covert across the country. This is Them.

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