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Here are the top stories from the komo twenty four seven news center the group behind the ballard measure to try and overturned burakin sanctuary city status is taking a new approach group sent out thousands of flyers listing names and addresses of undocumented immigrants linked to alleged crimes komos carleen johnson has more king county sheriff john urquhart provided the lettered across cut on the condition names and addresses be redacted and the sheriff posted about the flair is facebook page calling it a response constable and dangerous the group respect washington put out that flyer they were behind the ballot initiative seeking a repeal of syrian sanctuary city status the flight includes a map with names and addresses of the undocumented immigrants and buren who have been linked to crimes going back to two thousand eight but those are addresses were that person may not live any longer and the sheriff says posting that information puts family members and other innocent people at risk of vigilante justice the list of names is accompanied by a letter that urges citizens to support several city council candidates who have supported the repeal of variance sanctuary city status carleen johnson komo news nineteen year old man charged with murdering who his sixyearold nephew allegedly told police he wasn't really thinking when he drowned the boy in a lynnwood apartment bathtub get the update this morning from komo's corwin haeck according to a snohomish county superior court search warrant police found nineteen year old andrew henkel's story immediately suspicious baykal told them little david paco was last seen in his camel flush pajamas yet police found the pyjama bottoms inside out on top of the apartments washing machine it was only an hour or so later a detective discovered david's body in and outside trash bin ankle has been charged with firstdegree murder the warrant obtained by the everett herald reveals under questioning henkel admitted he filled the bathtub with the intent of drone in the boy he told police he wasn't really thinking he just did it the war it also reveals contrary to earlier reports david had not been left in hangles care but in the care of david's moms livein boyfriend on the day of the murder the boyfriend left to run some errands ankle allegedly told police he knew he was going to drown david the moment hutu were left alone corwin haeck komo news here's what's coming up on the.

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