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Few minutes left before we get the status update at the bottom of the hour questions. I know there was one about spaghetti sauce. So let's get to that. Mike's clothing. I was withholding asking this one, Steve because I know Sicilians are very secretive about their sauce. Yes. What do you know? Just what you're What's the what's the special special thing you do with it? I'm taking next to it. Yeah, There's two answers. Really? I mean, here's some basic stuff. Right Olive oil for start saying that that's a no brainer. Salt, Pepper, Obviously. Onion, garlic, fresh onion, Fresh garlic. Don't have it sitting around for six months. Um, a little tomato paste. If you want a thicker sauce, fresh basil is another one. The freshness thing is big oregano, obviously other great Italian seasoning. And then there's that meat question. So some people like ground beef. Meatballs, and you could certainly prepare your meatballs and drop in the sauce. What Sicilians love pork in sauce, spaghetti sauce and by adding that Meat into your sauce. It opens up a whole new world of great smells when you're cooking it, but great taste after the fact when you're done and you're throwing it on a load of bucatini or Whatever your favorite noodle is. Mine is Rigatoni, but everybody's got their own angel hair. But some people love it's that choice. Right? The meat choice and for me, it's It's all about pork because I grew up a Sicilian, my dad, Dominic. Makes a spectacular sauce. I mean, my friends always asked for his recipe when he makes the sauce for, like a party or something. That's how good it is. Are. We could probably squeeze one more quick one in here. I consider us friends, Steve, So I'll take that saucer superior if you get a moment here with One more from the talk and text lines. I want to know if you have any big garden projects coming up. When do you start planning the palatial Garden? It's graffiti estate. Good question. It reminds me of my answer on the spirit. He saw San Marzano tomatoes, of course, my grower, Tea House. National Creek is like the unbelievable source for great plants when I get him and when I put it on the ground. Garden. So I experimented last year with the with the fabric between my lanes as I call them of almost tomato plants, and I was I produce from like 300. So I think I was 120 last year, which was still plenty They're all basically San Marzano with the fabric between between the rows. Worked out fantastically cut the weeds down, protected the plants. You know that blight problem lot of US deal with in Wisconsin didn't have to deal with this year this year, and it was a welcome relief some to do more of that. I'm gonna flip around some of the arrangements to make it more. Smart toe work a star's picking and stuff. But, yeah, I'm already in my planning mode. Thinking about plants might go 1 50 for plants this year. I think that's healthy medium between you know what I was doing last year in the 300 I used to do. Great questions. I will try to get back to some of these in the later part of the show. Um Scott in Jill, I will answer your questions after some of the other stuff is going on. So we got a lot going on after the break. When I asked the question, What should we do? Or tell the senators who voted to refuse to accept our electoral votes yesterday? That was two congressmen. We'll get to that story and more. During the break. I was checking to see if The Twitter folks. The Leaders of that company have let the president back on it. It doesn't appear so yet. I'll be looking to see what I'm really.

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