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Quick set of shocks for Tampa, four shots in the last Minute and 10 seconds. Little turnover in the neutral zone created those opportunities for camp a boy. It just gotta be so clean in your execution against this team. There's camp to have tumbling pocket center ice. She lost it with lightning blue line. Alex go on is the other way for Tampa to the hawk, one of the right wing. We'll dump the puck into the right wing corner. Hawkes owned and took it away from an ambo Quist, and it pops out the Cirelli. He coughed it up between the circles to David Camp. Escape to the right wing side ring quite pass up the left wing. Now Kubelik. He had to catch it in his glove, drop it to a stick. As he entered the lightning zone. He lost. The ruling plucked the circuit check who swings the puck behind his head over to McDonough. You're spending to head off a deflection down behind the Hawk net that your place it over to the Han, then abuse Suitor center. Ice tried angle it ahead for Patrick Kane. The lightning sparkly good road, took the puck away sends it down along the in boards. Hawk's own Yanni goer grabs it left corner, put it out to the left point long wrist shot there from heading and blocked up the defense. Calvin to Han now backhands the puck ahead the cane at center ice. But Hedman again with that long reach, pulls it away. Flips it away to the near boards came reclaims. It sends it left point. Keith whips it right point Mitchell to the brink. It rolling through the high slot he fires and that was stopped at the front of the Net suitor falls down underneath that Celeski. Who then plops on the pocket the top of the crease with the glove and holds it that Celeski now has the longest shutout streak in Tampa Bay Lightning history, eclipsing former goaltender John Graham. He's been really good. This is a good example of what the black rocks need to do. The suitor was right in front of the Net, Vasilevskiy. Don't know if the park ever got to him cleanly or not, but with the traffic in front of the net. There was an opportunity suitors, not a big guy. But boy, he's got that willingness to go to the front of the net and a great knack around the net. He's developed that in the Swiss League and boy, you really had a pension for it there. Brought that here to North America. It's been great to see here's Hedman in Bihac zone. Little handoff on the left point in a shot to flex up off the glass, routed from the right point fires that one sails wide of the hawk net. Tyler Johnson, creating a screen in front and behind the hawk. Met the puck dragged out of there by Gord sends it right point. Ruda hammers a shot on goal. Nice butterfly save made by Lincoln. And Here's the past from suitor of the right side that would bring it over the lightning line. Right point. Will twist away and fired over off the left corner boards picked up by Tyler Johnson, who flings the puck behind the Lightning net over to Hedman. He'll spend it back in behind Rudy's got it there. He's chased there by the tireless Soderbergh, who then run Cinda Hedman. In the far corner, Hedman put the puck back in behind the lightning net near corner to Ruda. We'll fire it up ice. This is off of Matthew Joseph and all the way down and icing is called against Tampa Bay. Lightning look pretty disorganized for a couple seconds there their defense. Not sure what one another we're doing. I mean, it's good pressure by the Blackhawks salads to break it kind of fumbled the part that a gun in the offensive zone. It was a three on two and then he tried to just wheel around and throw in the Duncan Keith. But Keith smartly kind of got in there so that the play wasn't going to develop and he backed off right away there, But my clocks have done some really nice jobs here, so nobody wins. The draw here is cursed with the drive from the high slot kicked out by Vasilevskiy. So never takes the puck back Left corner. Put it behind the net from a T s. She and Mark being worked over by a couple of lightning countdown to Sonnenberg hand in both quest. Right point right to sidestep Volkoff out near the right point. Get a shot away. Volkoff did well to keep his position and then block that shot with his foot. Like a punk pops out yet Mark in the left circle. Fires blockers save made by Vasyl Lasky and Mark put the puck into the left wing corner route. A shot into the line kept in nicely there by Kalman Johan. Racing down the left wing. He swings up toward the net. It sails through the crease and why locals got it back right wing boards to the Han West Circle Hell fire and that reflects wide off the far corner boards and back to center ice hawks have to regroup. Over Lake passing the ball quest at center ice on the left wing. He spends it over the lightning line with the backhander. Luke Schenn took the putback and shot it across the rink, Patrick maroon in front of the benches. We'll put the puck across into the Hawk's own a few feet. Brandon Hagel will drag at the center ice and had it pulled off his sticks. Eudora took it back, and, um, a lightning zone down the left wing trying to muscle it to the Indians of taking it in behind. Lose it right point Murphy to Kubelik, left point along wrist shot that hit David camp and ricocheted wide plot, then takes the puck passing to Blake Coleman at center ice. Luke Schenn across the hotline at the left point, you'll spend it down behind the hawk. Yet Murphy collides with plot near Corner. Put the puck behind the hawk. It does your door off Senator round a Hagel and put it back in behind the net. Does your door off to Murphy along the left boards, and he had to cool a leak. He'll cross the lightning line spins it right circle. Hagel, Hagel. Not about shooting instead trying to pass that pass it. A lightning player's skate punk taking back by Pallotti lifted through the air down to the end Boards. Hawk's own Brayden point, then mishandled the puck. David Campbell. Take it for the Hawks. Patrick can its center ice to Duncan Keith to cane over the lightning lined into breaking through the slot. He pulls up and fires and Alex Killorn gotta stick in their deflecting that one up and out of place. 4 57 left in the first year at the United Center, Hawks and Lightning. Still no score. This is Blackhawks. Hockey on 7 20, WGN. This'll week at Macy's Get Great deals on fashion and Home Essentials Update your wardrobe with 20% off new spring shoes and sneakers and 22 50% off fresh.

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