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Mayberry. Mark Blazer shows Alright, welcome in its mark Blazer. With Josh sees Dave Man. That's an unfair question that you just asked me. We won't bring that on the air. But that is an unfair question. I don't don't need to answer right now. Just think it over. We'll talk a little bit later on. Oftheir. Um Yeah, I mean, Ah, gosh. Just to kind of stay cryptic about it. I mean, ah. There's some heat for the age that's involved. There is all kind of say to you know what I mean? It's almost Ah, deal with the devil kind of thing, right? Yeah. When you see older people that are just strikingly good looking And you say, you're almost like they're defying age you go make a deal with Tom Cruise pops into my head. He's one of those guys. Brad Pitt. You know those guys who are just like you were going to get ugly or fat or any nothing's going to happen. I feel that way about Judi Dench. Don't even get me started on the dreams I have about the game. Well, whoa! You can't on here that you can't un see what's in my head and say, Angela Lansbury. I said Judi Dench. I know who you said. My skin's crawling a little bit. Aah! Oh, God. All right, let's bring on the hardest working guy in television reporting from Wftv TV. It's Jack Windsor. Hey, brother. Thank you for taking a couple of minutes today and coming on, and, gosh, man, I It seems like boy I was just saying earlier today to my boss, I was saying it seems like a bit of ground Hog day for me that's been going on for months. Now it's endless. I can't begin to imagine you get numbers. You'll look at different things that are being reported. And you obviously start working your magic and that is to say you begin digging. And finding out what really is the story with the way that the numbers are being presented, and this must feel like ground all day to you, man. Minus the I got you babe playing in the background every morning. Mark. You hit it square. I'm gonna, um I'm going to say this. It's um Can you hear me? Yeah. Yeah, you there. OK, there we go Nowhere. I'm over here laughing because he walked into that conversation with news trucks. Shit, Dave, But I just I just want Tom Cruise, Man when I go out TV, How do I do that? Ah, exactly. It is kind of wait on the side. No, Jack, am I right? Or am I right? I mean, some of those guys you go. They made a deal with the devil. What is going on Some of the right Selina Jolie, probably on how old she is. 102. Sofia Vergara. She's in her. What, 45 46 47 she could pass for 25. Unlike man, what's going on? There were a lot of them are what? What is that kooky religion. All the Scientology Scientology? Yeah, Yeah, Maybe that's got something to do with that. Well, maybe because you're right. You're connecting Wells. Brad Pitt scientist. I don't know. I don't know if surface Travolta and crew knew that you knew those two for sure. But I know that we had Scientology pamphlets and are Handout bags. If you saw that on the press conference, maybe a month ago. I did not really. You did. Yeah. So the day that I asked the question about partners in health, I believe it was that day was also the day that you know, there was kind of Kobe care package, I think is what it was called. And the governor started, you know, pulling stuff out of there, and I think she pulled out Was a pamphlet on Scientology and somebody saw it and it blew up on social and they asked the governor about it. And I think you know, his spokesman came out and said, Oh, you know that. That somehow got in their mistake. And these things were kind of packaged in prison, I think is what they said. Somebody just happened to drop it in there. If I was really interesting it is, But yeah, I like ground Hog day. You know the numbers. We've talked about this The new dashboard O R. The advisory system that has gone into play. Ah, seven indicators that you know can be triggered. Those things aren't necessarily tied and I'm gonna go into great blink about it, but they're not really tied detecting whether there's an active viral spread in our communities that they're kind of attached to other things, and it's been an hour and 1/2 on that maybe two nights ago and then The Cincinnati Enquirer released an article Uh, the Columbus Dispatch dispatch released it as well. And so you know, we're starting to get a whole shot in the new advisory system and you know when you look at the numbers, I talked to somebody yesterday in southern Ohio and we were looking. I think I think it's time it was Butler, Claremont and Hamilton counties. And there were almost no hospitalizations in no deaths over the past three days, and so people are scratching their head and go away. We're in Read about old purple. How does this even make sense? Uh, but you know, we've been digging into the numbers and the numbers have really never totally added up in a duster like ground. We had Dr Frank and Dr Douglas Frank, who has Dr Frank models is on Facebook. I'm sure you're aware of him or know of him. He was on with us yesterday and and was laying out some very interesting and great information, which is on my podcast page..

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