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Got that border the need a fraction of that in there and and then I'll get in there you know why he had like a little Russian simply it always comes back I'm wondering is bad white solution you mentioned also worked other option because it's also got like you know build up that meeting I'm mark you have the problem that is existing in millions not thousand in millions of front load washing machines and I have never since day one twenty years ago when Maytag first came out with their front load washing machines I denied that it would be a good washing machine I predicted these problems that are happening now Maytag recall the first four million they made but it's a problem and it's not the save all that the manufactures said it would be and I know people in your predicament who get rid of their front load washing machine and they end up buying a twenty year old washing machine on eBay for twenty five dollars they get very disgusted with the problem.

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