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Hospital. Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson said the four are the gunman to hospital workers and the police officer Johnson said that the shooting started with an argument in the hospital parking lot between the suspect and the female hospital worker with whom he had a relationship a third person attempted to intervene. The suspect pulled out a handgun that third person fled into the hospital and the woman was gunned down outside that led to a firefight within the hospital between the suspect and police. The suspect was shot and killed Denver. Broncos coming off their upset of the chargers yesterday twenty three twenty two now turn their attention to the Pittsburgh Steelers who will be coming to town to take on the Broncos on Sunday. Our next update at four I've Roger Cordell. Ah on KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. It's going to be a typical drive this morning as you take to the metro area freeways, you can't road work taking place on northbound. I twenty five between hamden an eighth. It could slow you down. You can expect various lane closures on I twenty five between Bellevue and see four seventy also if you're travelling southbound on I twenty five down around Tacoma road. It's going to be slow going to the lane closures if you're on C four seventy trembling westbound, it's closed between Broadway and loosen until about five thirty the CBS four weather. You can expect it to be mostly sunny today is going to be close to fifty five. Tonight's low about twenty six tomorrow. Expect a high of sixty tomorrow night's Louis going to be around twenty nine currently. It's partly cloudy seven, I'm Gary elbow on KOA. Newsradio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. Need a good mechanic, pay keilor's? John Morrissey.

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