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On the phone right now is Chick Ludwig calling in from Cincinnati Ohio. Usa Chick good afternoon. How are You Lee? Fantastic man. Great Hearing Your Voice. Thanks so much for the invite on your podcast man. I'm all excited. I'm very excited to you. Were the former beat writer for the Cincinnati Bengals for Dayton Daily News and you hold it down in Cincinnati radio with sportstalk yea They gave me an opportunity back When I right after I left the newspaper and nine. So it's been it's been great and Right now things will slow. There's no sports going on but Yeah hope to be back on the air Come a come July. When the Red Star playing baseball will do some extra innings and hopefully do some more sports talk. You Open Chick. Here's open so let's begin. Where are you originally from? I am from the Queen City of Cincinnati the west side the best side the price hill section and I walked to Grade School at Saint William. Right down the street then. I walked to older high school. An all boys Catholic school walk by first boss. Ride was at the Ohio State University going out to West campus so But yeah the West Side of Cincinnati and Man I closed my eyes and I'm sitting on the front porch of our house at West eighth in Rosemont reading sports books. It just dreaming. As a kid of being sportswriter traveling the country in writing and interviewing interesting people in writing sportsman it It's always been a dream and I got to live west end very Beautiful Part of Cincinnati also home to the pits which is constantly kit. Yeah I was. I was the student manager for a football and basketball all four years at elder and I only wrote a couple of stories for the school newspaper. The Purple Quill but all that background all that experience working with players you know fixing cleats. you know taking care of some injuries taping ankles Helped me later on in my journalism career. You know just getting to know the you know the pain. The suffering the joys the The heartbreak that an athlete goes through. It helped me with my journalism career and also I got respect for elder as well because they have ice hockey and that's the sport I broadcast the most so it's always a nice scene elder when Centerville plays them also saint ex fantastic. Yes yes. That's the only sport. You GotTa Watch live hockey. Oh yeah no doubt. Because Television doesn't do it any justice. Yeah quick question for you since you're former elder panther. How far is it from elder high school to Northland eye center. That's something I've always wondered because I don't know exactly where L. Northland Ice Center on like up off Austin Pike. Is that writer? No that's our It's forty two an old one twenty six. Oh my goodness You know on the west side here. Gosh it takes a half hour for me to get over to the The radio station Montgomery yet from the West side of Cincinnati so I would imagine you know a half hour or so. I'm I'm just not sure but Yeah you know. People are looking for ice time and Gosh nowadays you talk about changes. Okay when I was the football student manager for elder They didn't have. We didn't have a practice facility. We be on a bus in go down to what was called Hampton Park down by the river down by boldface park where Pete rose grew up and had to go through like this really poor area. The projects and Trailer Park and to get to this football field on the river and we had to load the the blocking dummies and everything on a bus and Take the bus down. You know a good half hour dried and now they've got a beautiful practice facility Their launches during the two days in the summers are catered. And I still remember me in an assisting coach opening up big cans of Campbell's chicken noodle soup in the is bringing in a sack lunch Oh I it's all changed now like I said the parents and and The moms day catered lunches. It's just unbelievable. Now that's outstanding. You touched on a little bit. But when did you know this is what you wanted to be in in journalism? I always kinda dreamed of you know. I mentioned sports writing but growing up and I always wanted to be like a play by play sports broadcaster. But it really didn't hit me until my freshman year at Ohio state I I went to Ohio state the Evans Scholarship. It's a it's a scholarship for golf. Caddies an academic scholarship so we had a fraternity of golf caddies on academic scholarships and I started out majoring in I. I wanted to major in communications so my freshman year but I learned quickly that there was no practical experience with those classes so I had a couple of buddies that wanted to go into journalism. Will I find out that J school heads three different sequences broadcasting news editorial in public relations? So I quickly jumped into that. Because the Ohio state Newspaper the lantern was tied into news editorial and I originally wanted to the broadcast sequence. But you know what I I got into a news editorial. And then that's when my dream really began freshman year it'll state man. I wanted to be a sports writer and back in the day. You must seen some great games. That elder at Ohio States. Oh Yeah I went to school with Archie Griffin and we graduated together. It's Saint John Arena winter quarter of nineteen seventy six. We walked together and When I would see archie with the bengals or whatever we chat about it he would recognize me We were good friends or any stretch of the imagination but we cross paths and Wow what a four years and I got to go as a fan to the nineteen seventy four rose bowl and that was during a crisis I had to take a bus to Cleveland. And then we flew out of Cleveland to lax and then Me and my body. We did not spend time you know like on a Ojo State Caravan or anything. We stayed with relatives his relatives for a couple of days. My relatives for for a few days and then we went to the game. The Rose Bowl Ohio state won that game and then their next Rose Bowl win was ninety that was in nineteen seventy four. Their next Rose Bowl win was ninety seven when they beat Arizona State. So I got to go to that and help cover it with Mark Cats and Gary noon and so I was at two straight Ohio State Rose Bowl victories and Very very memorable. I mean the first one you went to your do not. Osu and the second one you were in your dream as a reporter. Yeah Yeah it was awesome. Yeah Oh God. When when Kirk herbstreet in Chris Fowler? Say that it's the most awesome setting for college football. It definitely is. You've got the San Gabriel Mountains in the background. You've got the Sun Setting. Oh My Gosh. The Pick. The orange the All the sky it just the Hughes that you see and it's in a canyon in it's really cool because when I went out as a fan we were at the Rose Parade and then we walked to the stadium. A couple of miles. And then you just Kinda go down into a canyon and that's where the Rosebowl sits in. It's just spectacular. That's really cool. It's really cool. I I know there's a lot of Stadiums out west that just scenic. I mean especially towards like the rockies and the Pacific northwest. It's it's something you can't much around. The bengals got to play at Ariza when the Arizona Cardinals before they built their stadium in Glendale. They were on the campus of Arizona State University and one of the bengals games that I covered before they built. That new stadium was at Asu and that was really cool. You know out L. Tempe so. Yeah it's Stadium special and the fall of ninety six helping Marquette's cover Ohio state football that That fall and go into Notre Dame going to Iowa where we went to the field of dreams movie site the day before Ohio State Iowa and just spectacular now you mentioned the Cincinnati Bengals. How did that opportunity pop up okay? I covered high school sports for eight years. Okay and then I wanted the University of Dayton basketball beat really bad you know and I'll never forget my boss. Ralph Morrow calling me in because Siberia had died and That that beat was open and Gary noon became the columnist so The the Ud beat was open. And Ralph called me in and said look on putting bucky hours on the Dayton. Beat RIGHT STATE IS GOING. Division One. They need a good young adult reporter. They're going division one year. My Guy on right state so I did preps for eight years right state basketball and really bright state athletic guy covered a lot of baseball games with Ron NISCHWITZ and even some volleyball and just right state athletics for ten years and then I'm in the press box. How McCoy at a reds game at Riverfront Stadium This was in July of ninety seven and I get a phone call from the boss and he said you go when you get out of there tonight. You're going to be at Georgetown College tomorrow morning. You're on the bengals speech temporarily you're the interim because Alex Marvez left for For Denver Colorado. So that's how the Bengals beat began and I let them know that I you know I wanted a professional beat and so I was the interim for that year. And then man. I got grilled but finally got the beat full-time and I did that. For twelve years so it was a nice thirty year Thirty YEAR CAREER. Eight on high schools. Ten on the right state in colleges and then twelve on the NFL bengals beat and historically was some good times for high school sports in Dayton state you mentioned was just getting up to Division One in just a couple of seasons removed from winning the National Championship against the District of Columbia and also the of center was going to be open in. Oh absolutely yeah man. Those yeah and I lived all through that and just And then there they're NCWA run. They did get beat by Indiana but that was a thrill to cover that team and We got to go to San Juan Puerto Rico for For a holiday tournament so I spent a week in San Juan. Fancs giving that it was just awesome. Yeah Tom Archdeacon I. We ran up to Old San Juan where Ernest. Hemingway hung out We went up there like every day when we weren't writing so Man Just got the DEUCE. There's a little bit of forrest gump and the chicks you know. I got to do some really cool. Some really cool things man and I can only imagine what's changed from your time covering preps right state to today. I mean I think in Dayton. There's a couple of high schools that closed in that timeframe and it's it's amazing to hear about history and what happened in Dayton Ohio. Yeah when I got to the Dayton Daily News in nineteen seventy nine. Roosevelt had closed But Yeah Roth was still alive. They were starting to you know Condense condense everything but man getting to cover Roth and Dunbar and then and then Centerville and Wayne Wow you you just couldn't go wrong on on a high school football Friday night. Do you have any games that stick with you in your time coverage.

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