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The first filly with an inside the park grand slam and an outside the park grand slam which was last night in the same season since were uh in his career by the way since willy jones 1950 one to 19th 56 willie jones with less player do it in the same season since aren't author okay let's keep on moving backwards though the uh dodgers starter off the game with an inside the park homerun chris taylor by the way was the first dodger to do that since his manager did it to lead off the game on august nine two thousand three but after chris taylor it in inside the park grand slam justin turner stepped up and hidden outside the park home run so we've got to lead off inside the park home run and then the next guy up heated outside the park home run the last time the dodgers or any body had a lead off inside the park homerun immediately followed by an over the fence home run was the giants who did it on the pirates on july 13th ne nineteen eleven that's your old gia instead of the day oh sure so as you know all that um adrian peterson got a career low nine snaps right to start his uh career with the saints on monday night football and that started off a whole national conversation that is now deadened because petersen i think everybody's assuming is just going to have no role within orleans saints this year it doesn't help though that they can't run the ball because their defense uh tilts the scoreboard in the other direction so we'll still need to see how peterson looks when they have an opportunity to may be give him fifteen twenty carries or and just tell mark ingram you're going to get fewer or decide alvin ours is going to be split out wide they're gonna split actual runs with these two guys it still needs to be sorted out and um and then now they're going to go to.

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