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Power lines and the other landed in a nearby neighborhood. The US closes portions of the Texas border after thousands of Haitian refugees crossed and set up camp in the city of Del Rio. Lot of the migrants just sleeping on the open grass, some of them sleeping in these structures that they've built. Pretty calm. They're just kind of milling about and just waiting, waiting to be processed, waiting to be taken away on buses. And from what we're hearing from Border Patrol sources there were at least two buses that took a single adult man away from the camp last night, heading to West Loco down in the Rio Grande Valley. That's the border Patrol sector that's already 500% over capacity. Bilma Lujan from Fox, speaking the Department of Homeland Security says that they will have another 400 agents on site by tomorrow morning, National Border Patrol Council vice president Argyll Quito tells Fox and friends weakened this morning. The asylum process is just broken. You know, they have to go through it through an asylum officer then through the judge, and then the judge decide. A lot of these people don't show up to the court case. They need to start putting judges and asylum officers down there on the border. Fast track these cases and get these individuals out that you know that don't have a true asylum case yesterday. The count was pegged at almost 15,000 migrants, tripling the number since last Wednesday. Ktrh News time is 33 in sports. Acclaimed filmmaker Can burns. His new documentary is Subject has strong ties to Houston. Muhammad Ali Ken Burns four part PBS series with never before seen images of one of the most indelible figures of the 20th century, the three times I'm heavyweight champion who captivated millions worldwide while being himself unconditionally person he is.

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