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All parties have agreed to a structure. That will ensure a fair and honest Senate impeachment trial Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Democrat managers will argue the former president incited last month's deadly Capitol attack, calling it the most grievous constitutional crime ever committed by a president's the Trump legal team. Writing in a brief the trial is going to be political theater, blaming Nancy Pelosi quote the speaker of the House and her allies have tried to callously harness. The chaos of the moment for their own political games. This all starts in 1 P.m. eastern time in this incident involves a former president, They will begin with debate over whether it's even constitutional and then a simple majority vote, then 16 hours for House managers to make their case 16 hours for the president's defenses. Fox's Mike Emanuel, that capital Ryan happened two months of Trump fraud claims that the election was stolen from him. How he got involved in Georgia is now under investigation. Fox is Evan Brown is on this live. They've just days before that riot and before the Georgia Senate run offs last month, a recording of a phone call between then president Trump Donald Trump. His lawyers and Georgia Secretary of state Brad Rapids. Burger was made public by the Washington Post, which alleged Trump to be pressuring Rapids Burger for further recounting of Georgia's presidential election. Now. A complaint filed by a law professor claims the former president violated Georgia Election Law Rapids. Berger's office is now looking into it. A spokesperson for Trump says there was nothing improper. Dave having a judge in Florida's will. The school district cannot be held liable for not warning students and Stoneman Douglas High School in Park Lane about the threat Nicholas Cruz posed He's the accused mass shooter awaiting trial in the murder of 17 people. Mary Wilson has died. One of the.

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