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To submit this Beulah may well done. We've got a six person ride. These are six people who all got together and made it all happen. Let's hear about it. We're starting with on the Graham at Carlos. Four peasy won crushed his second one K. This year. With one thousand nine miles twenty two hours twenty nine minutes, he recruited some new riders for this one while others were returned riders as well. He rats after going north to reno on my first one. K. Yon May twelve twenty twenty. We went east this time to sedona Arizona. I feel this route was much more fun. Highway Eighty, nine and eighty nine eighty was. Was Amazing with views and roads smooth as a baby's, but stopped in Prescott at the Harley store and headed to the Sedona, Beer Company we eight and headed up to flagstaff from there was a race West on highway forty much easier around this time. Not hit a storm really helps surprisingly the he wasn't bad at all. It was optimal riding conditions throughout the entire trip. Well done Sir are bell rings for you. Let's go with router number two six. This is at Martha skill skin on the Graham knocked out the one K. One thousand five miles for her in twenty three hours one minute. She kept her story short and sweet, and we appreciate that Hashtag. Rod more talk last. I love it. This is hilarious. She writes smash and Grab One K. to flagstaff and back rolled Jerome Cottonwood and Sedona a man well done sister welcomed the Colt. You are saluted. Rider three of six at L. Fr- affair patrol on. Knocked out his second one K ready this year this time with the group twice the size. Of course we haven't clocked in at one thousand sixty three miles in twenty two hours ten minutes. He writes this quarantine has ride and more than ever. Before we headed from Ventura towards Phoenix to do the eighty nine to eighty, nine, eight to flagstaff and a dash back home on the forty, the eighty nine and eighty nine, a is a beauty of the Strip, lots and lots of turns, maybe not ideal for the one K.. Trip in regards of time, but we do it for the ride and made it. We passed through Prescott Jerome a city on the side of a mountain and Sedona. Words and pictures can't expressive beauty ready to do another here shortly. Stay tuned, well done Sir congratulations number two this year. Let's get to ride or four of six. We have a new record for oldest rider Jose re senior. Sixty nine wasn't good company with. I One K and two who already knew the ropes got him at one thousand seventy one miles in twenty two hours twenty minutes. Congratulations on completing the ride and taken the title of oldest rider I. Sure Hope I'm able to crush one ks into my sixties. Great Work Jose. Jose Rats I love to get up early and ride. It's a beautiful road that we took got a little tired towards the end. God Willing I will continue to ride for many more years. I'm sixty nine now and feel great. Thank you. Thank you thank you, Jose Sixty nine and killing it. We appreciate you sir. Five of six Black Wolf underscore honcho knocked out this one K.. This ride was a challenge especially when the pain said in, but Chris enjoyed every mile of it, Chris Road. Where do I begin I? Was Skeptical on doing this ride I was nervous anxious and couldn't even sleep only getting three and a half hours in. I woke up at one forty five am to meet up with the group at three. A M I was pumped Ryan Dorsey. Stop Gas up was easy peasy. The weather was perfect, maybe upper sixties and aspreys. Man Seeing. That sunrise was amazing. My going through Palm Springs make an unforgettable memories while Radan with a group of friends that love to put in their miles. Head into the halfway mark. I started feeling the tiredness. My hands started getting tied Mansour Radan without a fair in on my back, took a little toll having the wind blowing good a few times each time we would gas up I was excited to see the next town. We would stop and pass through. I didn't realize how many miles we had already put in, and ours don't get me wrong. Being the first time or during the one K. was tough, but I loved every mile of it well done. Sir, welcome to the club. Bells ringing for use. Radyr. Six of six at underscored dot Gabe dot underscore s on the Graham crushes I one K with his group of friends one. Thousand Twenty eight miles twenty two hours twenty four minutes. Have you noticed the Times they're always just a little different? Even in a group, it all goes back to the fewer seats, so always keep that in mind whatever the ending and beginning receipts as these are your times, so looks like we're going to see some more miles from. He writes well. I got my first one K under my belt finally went through with it and I must say. I enjoyed it I. Didn't get much sleep the night before because I was too excited to get on the road. Left venture with the rest of the crew in Zuza. Getting the palm springs area, as the sun was Razan, was super cool to watch, but at the same time was feeling tired. Contemplated if I should just turn back glad I did and. Before this ride, the furthest I rode was about three hundred miles. It's so much better Radan with a crew once we got to Prescott, Jerome said. Wow views were amazing. Flagstaff was our turning point, so we headed back and felt good. Only part was my rear end was bugging most of the ride. The Heat wasn't too bad either and I definitely do it again I need delay more miles down on my back Mr. Gabe congratulations welcome to the gang..

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