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Getting kind. Good Wednesday and welcome. We are at eight six three zero nine six two five. Everything seems to be going very well in Venezuela for NIA last my doorbell and frizz Powell lead v MIR Patine, I think we have we intercepted a phone call from Putin. I think we might have because there were reports yesterday that that Madeira was about to flee the country and go join us pals in Cuba, another slave ship where he could go live off the fed of somebody else's land and the ill-gotten gains of his corrupt political career having hitched his wagon, Hugo Chavez, the boulevard en- revolutionary. You know, things are going splendidly there in Venezuela. If you're looking to lose weight, it's probably the country for you everybody. There has lost if not half their body weight. They're working on it. It's there. It's a gulag. It's base turned into it was once the wealthiest country in Latin American that's a long ago really doesn't seem like long ago at all. I I think let me see George W Bush. Resident when it was the wealthiest country. Maybe Bill Clinton maybe have to go back to Bill Clinton when it was the wealthiest country in Latin America, and then in two thousand sixteen the average Venezuelan lost nineteen pounds. But it got better in two thousand seventeen the average Venezuelan lost twenty four pounds. So forget about that slimfast just by ticket Venezuela. Everything will work itself out there. Very nice provide that you don't mind eating flamingos and stuff out of the back of garbage trucks. It's the glory of socialism. And this is what's being proposed by the Democratic Party today at take a long time for us to be eating out of the back of garbage trucks here in America. And also make no mistake. Medeiros friends are not eating out of the back of garbage trucks and in every socialist country. There's the one percent there's the ruling class there's a late in the Soviet Union stolen Soviet Union. Not everybody was starving to death. Just the, you know, the the masses the the the plebeian or PLA bins if you prefer. And the working class the workers. It's the revolution has for them. And apparently they need to lose a lot of weight. It's up. These are some they were running citizens over with armored personnel carriers yesterday at a high rate of speed crushing them, real good. It's not clear whether those were Venezuelan troops. They might be Cuban troops because the commies the Cubans. They sent guys in there. And it's like Stalin used to send the Mongols in when you really wanted to rip up a city and kill everybody and destroy everything. And in Venezuela, send in the Cubans because the they got their training from the Soviets and the the Russians tradition that lives on generations later, and they love massacring their own people. They really like that this one of the things they're very good at seeing the twentieth century. In case you missed any part of it. It's full of lessons like this and stories like this. So venezuela. The yesterday apparently mud d'oro was preparing to leave the country. And there was a plane ready to take him to Cuba because they probably wouldn't be shot to death. There. And and he was ready to go. I'm sure he had as cash piled up. He's probably got Swiss Bank accounts and billions who's we read this years ago. Venezuelan media couple years ago, the wealthiest person in Venezuela is the daughter of Hugo Chavez. Billions I think three billion dollars was the number. And that's because she's just a hard work and woman came up with some clever, ideas credit a business did really, well, she's like the Kardashian of the Venezuela except not really she just stole all the stuff in her father stole all this stuff from everybody while they were starving to death. And it's a typical socialist story. Look at Bernie Sanders got three houses on rents four thousand at least two us to and a makes more than a million dollars a year. In a capitalist society by being a socialist, criticizing capitalism. It's good to be a socialist in America in Venezuela. It's not as good being a socialist. You know, it's it's a little this a little, but he was he was preparing to leave the country, and we have we have Mike Pompeo, actually, Mike Pompeo explaining that. And I think this is probably based on the way it's being couched from intelligence intercepts that as we're listening to flatter MIR puts phone calls, and and also to nNcholas Medeiros phone calls probably easier to listen to his phone calls. But Putin called him and said, what do you mean? You're. Vive there to have troops and any lectured Madero, you can't leave and go to Cuba, even though Cuba's our pal too. But see they want to the national. They wanna plunder Venezuela for everything that it's worth and the oil and the gold in the natural resources, and and they got that slave labor. They're living in squalor and poverty. So they'll work for next to nothing. This is for the Russians and the Chinese who are both in their up to their eyeballs. The Cubans are in there, the Iranians are in there have you seen the list of countries that support Madero? It's almost hilarious. It's like team America world police. It's like all the bad guys. Tim America world police. It's Russia China, North Korea Cambodia, Syria, Cuba, Iran. I was laughing. I was literally laughing out loud. I wrote them down here. I have listed my pocket right here. And I was laughing all the bad guy countries that that are still supporting this guy there fifty. Four at least maybe fifty six maybe more countries that are supporting the the replacement guy. One glide oh guide and and guide. Oh is he's a lefty make no mistake. He's he's basically, you know, he's very socialistic. He's about where Bernie Sanders is probably and Madero is to the left of him wherever you are on the left. You're destroying things where ever you go. But I was marveling. At this lists the rogues gallery of supporters Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, Syria, South Africa, that was kind of a wild card there. Iran Turkey there NATO member they got that thug. Their Bolivia Cambodia. Bellarusse Guay only Uruguay and Bolivia in South America. Supporting the the creek, that's destroying the new how what is supporting they got Daniel Ortega there, the Democrats love Daniel Ortega, and they killed. It's not clear how many citizens they killed yesterday because who's counting by the way CBS was taken excuse me CNN was taken off the air there yesterday. But nobody noticed because nobody watches them there either. So so it really didn't have much effect on anything, but CNN was pulled the plug on CNN in the whole country, which we saw that in tenement square. It's what the left does. They they murder is still plunder destroy all of that. Good stuff. But secretary state Mike Pompeo was asked about this last night about Madero preparing to flee the country and Putin gave them a call. And did the Boris Beden off thing. And told him he can't go or he tie his wife to some train tracks or something. And and it went like this as understanding that.

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