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Degen's only Sean will buy you a beer Shawn Watson Houston Texans. They're being disrespected. This this number should be three. I think we. I don't think I got have to say that during the preview. Why is this not three? I don't know take the Texans for my dog. Just let's do it. Why the fuck not? Give me the Tennessee. Titans plus one ninety the buzzsaw tighten up baby and from. It's give me New Orleans minus two and a half. Give me. Here's the thing I don't actually I don't know if if buffalo can get blown out in this game but I'm GonNa tease the under so let's go to under. Let's tease that up to under fifty cat and the last one. We both kind of agree. This game's going over new ORLEANS MINNESOTA TS to over forty three and a half. Wow all right. I went what to totals in the tease. You like the scary all right for my lock. GimMe New Orleans minus eight and a half for my dog. GimMe The Philadelphia Eagles. which I'd like to make as lock but I don't want to imply that they are going to need your two and a half shitty points? I give you the bills up to eight and a half New Orleans down to two and a half and and under fifty two in the Eagles Seattle game so fun. Little Teaser Nice. Work on and Sunday morning. We'll be doing the early periscope scope nine. Am Pacific stay tuned to that again. Give us some freaking. I tunes reviews the New Year. New Year's resolution should be don't be a freeloader order. Help us out writer review two seconds. We're going to be all this free. Picks content for sports gambling. Sean Stack in the Money Green and he is Ryan and after you. Oh you leave those reviews you should enjoy some plant based protein. Kramer let it ride yeah the..

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