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Out a way to get d'arno home. Here Garcia gets aboard. D'arno takes over four move faster shutter wheels. And now Kelvin Tomlinson will come up as the pinch hitter. For Watson cardinals expecting a bunt here from Kelvin. Third baseman Jerko. Very shallow. The first baseman carpenter on the bag. Now the stretch and throw the first which is partly. I'm sure. Get a line on what Tomlinson has lined up there. Now Martinez at about holding. Here's the pitch he script and takes low on a fast ball one ball. And no strikes. It's always easy to point out. John with the guys that are hardest to hit there. Also, the hardest to bunt. And this guy falls into that category. Here's a stretch and the pitch he squares and bunch up. The first base side. Little bit off the mound to barehanded Martinez. Throws over the first in time. And that was very well done by Albie. Yup. So now the possible go ahead runners in scoring position. Here is Gregor Block O who before today. He did not get a run. The giants fourth round of the game with a ground ball to short into a force play, which he was able to beat the relay back to I to prevent a double play which would have ended the inning that was in the seventh. So for four with a run batted in darnold second and not just as Martinez. Started right from his stretch. Timeout was granted at the plate. Greg or Gregory, he he's quick to ask time.

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