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Of these actually over four hundred of them that lynn fisher has put together has grabbed from all these various streaming services and collected and done all this legwork to create this website. That looks incredible. It's fully deep dive kind of thing where you can just get lost in a rabbit hole and spend hours just clicking around and it's all very very well done and incredibly impressive so when team slash film Discovered this yesterday. I wrote about it on the site and i reached out to lynn on twitter and asked her if she'd be interested in talking with me about how she came up with this whole thing and how she went through the process of making it and all of that. She actually has several other websites. That are all equally impressive. I'll put a link to her other work in the show notes on encourage you to check that out if you like what you're about to hear so yeah i guess before we dive right into the conversation just one other little caveat is that this conversation was recorded be zoom and it was. I didn't know that we're going to use this as the podcast episode today so the conversation is a little more free flowing than what we normally have on the show so stick with us but i think it's a great conversation in a cool insight into a creative mind somebody that i'm going to be paying close attention to going forward. So here is my conversation with lynn fischer. Congratulations on this website is incredible amazing. My entire like all of my work friends. My entire staff are slack was going nuts hottest thing. I mean you've tapped into something. That is very primal googlers. I think so. Where did this idea come from what what drove you to create this. I guess just a little background. I just for fun. Make kind of these intense. We curated websites. I went to your portfolio.

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