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Pants labyrinth or no amac yet so yeah that was good and then last year it's getting a lot of crap from from true fans i saw that i don't know why but yeah i do i mean i haven't seen it so i don't really wanna know what their problem is with it they are not without giving too much away i think ryan johnson wrote or a because his name something like that route a movie that was uh that was able to like put holes in troops that have existed forever in doing in of us in a fun way in a story that really took the like the fell for star wars the to the next level not like next level as far as quality because i don't know if it's better than porsche expect but as far as this is where the story needs to go an interesting new ways i think he did a good job at that so i really liked it he who can faulting for that especially after the prequels i mean all people are saying it's worse than the prequels night disagree with that i have all it really hard time at by yeah mostly it's getting critical acclaim so it that gives me warmth yeah but i liked it so yeah and then just to throw this in go watch detroiters name he said aris i've been talking about all year the great shooters okay i'll put those down on your list as well yes a fourway tie detroiters wait what's amy severest show our why forget the name where she did like moths were hurt okay i'll find it i'm gonna put that is before we tell you ever watch that i haven't i don't have the cable dude.

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