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Most of the Chaco region today is traditionally Navajo land close quote. From the. Article So. Now let me. Give you the definition of the Antiquities Act straight from the National Park Service. That state quote the Antiquities Act is the first law to establish that archaeological sites on public lands are important public resources. Obligates federal agencies. Sorry. I. Failed to trade off certain things. Okay, let me try that again. That was my computer making noise. ticker that are sorry I'll start over again here. The Antiquities Act is the first law to establish that archaeological sites on public lands are important public resources. It obligates federal agencies that manage the public glance to preserve for present and future generations, the historic, scientific, commemorative and cultural values of the archaeological and historic sites and structures on these lands it also authorizes the president to protect landmark structures and objects of historic or significant interest by designating them as national monuments. Close quote okay. So going to ask you guys. Where in recent years have we heard about? The antiquities act being used. About, two thousand sixteen toward the end of his presidency, bears, ears was declared declared a national monument by former. President, Barack Obama okay. The area is sacred to the Navajo people, but now former Republican. Utah Senator Orrin Hatch criticized Obama's decision to protect the area as a quote federal land. Grab close quote okay so. Anything tied to a Republican. Point of view in this case is always going to be pro oil. Gay Pro. Drilling pro mining. Period into story. People WanNa challenge me that, please. have at it Haas. Unlike national parks which are created through Congress, national monuments are designated by the United. States presidents under the Antiquities Act which gives them the power to set aside public land for conservation as I said. Now former president. Theodore Roosevelt signed the act into law in nineteen O six. And used it to protect Muir Woods. And the Grand Canyon. which has since become a national park along with sixteen other? But then came the CHEETO. Trump's administration starting with David Byrne, hearts predecessor as I mentioned earlier Ryan Zinke as dramatically reduced the size of bear ears National Monument and the grand. Staircase S. Galante Monument. The largest reduction of protected land to date. Right understand. Trump continues to support the will of oil production interests through the actions of the current sitting department of Interior. David Bernhardt of former Meyer mining lobbyists. Now their attention is on the area of Chaco Canyon. Now the unsettled which I mentioned earlier, the acronym stands for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization contains some fundamental rights for nations around the world, and it is responsible for coordinating international cooperation in education, science, culture, and communication and encouraging piece. The purpose of the organization is to strengthen its ties between nations and societies and mobilizes the wider public. Tribes of long tried to get a seat at the table of the of the UN, since the creation of the rights of indigenous peoples. But. In, two thousand seventeen the Cheeto so the United States will be leaving on Seco- in December citing the reason as the organization having an anti-israel bias, remember that brother. Right. But maybe this is the true reason. How, about this? The organization has done a tremendous work to tackle racism. In Nineteen, seventy eight, there was a declaration on race and racial prejudice. South. Africa withdrew from Seco- as a result of that because of its apartheid regime. However, it rejoined in nineteen, ninety-four after Nelson Mandela was elected president. So trump may not want to be associated with anything anti racism right. But I digress. So my main point. Really was that this is a shared concern. We're talking about fracking the process of injecting chemical liquid at high pressure deep into the Earth so as to force open existing fishers and extract. What yes, gas or oil? So. Where does the landowning men come into play? These lands are managed by. In Large, the federal government. Not, our tribes as we once did. The, federal government breaks its actions up into individual entities known as federal agencies such as the Bureau of land management the big. The National Park Service. which the NPS the bureau of Indian affairs, as we often talk about on the show, and also the Army Corps of Engineers. Now at the time of the creation of these agencies, they were, too. They were pretty much comprised of only white men. And despite their intent, there were not erected to help. Indigenous people manage anything. Certainly over time, due to discrimination, laws people of Color do work in these agencies now. However, they are still by enlarge occupied by white men. quoting Choco Cultural National Historic Park. Is located in New Mexico. It sits within the buffer zone as I mentioned earlier, which is about ten miles around around it Outside of that buffer zone under the current administration, it's open game for drilling. Now Nominal Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez head of the largest American Indian reservation. sat among the PUEBLO governors. And said that it's only right that they support each other. Just as their ancestors did quoting Mr Nez, he said quote. Navajo culture and tradition dictate respect for our relatives who have come before us. He said as native people we are connected to the land, and it's important to preserve the dwellings and the belongings of the ancient ones close quote. So really to wrap up here The fight to protect indigenous cultural sites is going to continue. Absolutely, but from a historical context that goes back to the founding of the United States. There is no will of many white men in power to be sensitive to our concerns when it comes to lands that we seek to protect..

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