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A young couple James and Lisa Gabi lettuce in their pickup truck. There were power lines strewn across the roads. There were trees that had tumbled into the ash. They got out and they were looking at what used to be their home Clara lane. Nothing left basically, just a bunch of rebel and metal everywhere. Cars wasted. I mean personal belongings completely gone. I basically got out with the clothes on my back and my pickup. That's all. I have. I'm so sorry when it Wisconsin. I mean, everybody's been saying for years in this town goes up it's going up, and it went up James and Lisa had just gotten married about two months ago. And Lisa was ready to give up her place in Sacramento and move in time with James, she loved the quiet small town sense of community here in paradise. You know, I had my normal route like route that I would come and come up the street and always knew you know, who who was out, and you know, what? The houses. Look like probably. Yeah. It looks like the route. We just can't not safe. It was right over there. Yeah. This town still isn't safe enough for even residents to return. And the only reason this couple was here is because James works for the city. I'm just glad that you know, everybody that is in our family was able to get out in time. I realize not everybody had that chance.

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