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Ever and Ariane 5 rocket carrying the James Webb space telescope blasted off this morning from Europe's spaceport in French Guiana Unlike its predecessor the Hubble telescope it will orbit the sun not the earth Cryptocurrency donations to charity are soaring this year Matt mattson has more The giving block says digital asset donations jumped nearly 600% in 2021 compared to last year The Washington D.C. based company has processed $2.4 million in gifts this year for its crypto giving Tuesday campaign The average donation was $12,600 and officials say crypto giving continues into the holiday season I'm Matt mattson Christmas Day is shaping up to be another dicey day for air travel according to flight aware U.S. airlines have canceled or delayed more than 2100 flights already today no major U.S. airports though are reporting operational issues I'm Brad seed You're listening to Bloomberg businessweek with Carol matter and Bloomberg quick takes Tim steno V from Bloomberg radio Running down on the special Christmas weekend edition of Bloomberg business week some of our favorite interviews from 2021 have to say we are very lucky We speak to amazing people We have a lot of favorite interviews We really appreciate the guests who join us throughout the year Got to say though this next one a lot of fun and full transparency I'm a big fan You really are I think that's okay You know full disclosure there If you follow our next guest on social media you'll see a lot of versatility He stars in the popular streaming series outlander He's also an author having recently published a follow-up to his New York Times Best Seller clans whisky warfare and a Scottish adventure like no other You know it was also great about this But he was one of the first guests of the year to join us in the studio He really was right Yeah That's a good point I forget about that And it was a big deal to have him here in person It was and it felt so good to have him in the studio and you're right to have somebody back in there with us His new book is entitled to clan lands almanac He's also got TV and film projects on the horizon He's got his own line of whisky even his own charity Sam Hugh and joined us as to mention in studio this past fall to talk about how he's managing all of that in the midst of a pandemic Business wise more than anything it's delayed a lot of imports and exports especially without whisky Did it complicate things Oh absolutely yeah I mean I think you've maybe seen the pictures of you know the container ships outside Long Beach Things are just really slow Globally it's been tough We've been challenged with the cork for our coast stoppers and bottles You know trying to get access to life Yeah exactly Or just even getting a container to transport our whisky across from the UK So yeah it's been challenging What changes did you have to make as a result of these challenges did you have to raise prices if you have to change materials or just be patient I think that is pretty much yeah You know people were waiting for our next release We released last year and then this is our biggest release We wanted it to be out in time for us to see the holiday season But it's finally here We're actually only delayed a couple of weeks We're pretty fortunate How much fun are you having with this And tell us about taking it around and introducing it to people Yeah so I'm really proud Obviously self financed self realized design day everything every aspect of finance You've strapped it all Yeah yeah so we haven't any investors We've done it all ourselves And as I said yes our second round we've won about 7 double gold medals from various awards I'm just really proud of it It's my baby Can you talk about why you bootstrapped it and chose not to bring on outside investors Did you not want to dilute the equity I think so you know I mean firstly it is a small limited batch release You know it's hard to get our hands on enough of the product So we didn't need finance The first but then also just to retain to retain the rights to retain the majority share or control of it And as I said it is a passion project So I really didn't want to give anything away There may be a time when we do look at people looking at the door Yes we have a conversation and there will be a point where we want to really upscale and increase And I think at that point investment would really help us 'cause it's interesting in the marketplace You know it's a crowded marketplace But when you can create a brand that somehow has some interesting distinction to it And I think this one is safe to say it does also taste good You can really move ahead What's the been the response that you're hearing And as you were meeting with people in New York and elsewhere Yeah well so we're now available in I think about 40 states We're working on the rest of them and we're working on Canada as well And Europe it's a whisky that I wanted people to be accessible A lot of people don't haven't tried whisky I don't know much about scotch whisky.

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