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The software update is making the safety system that could put the nose of the plane down harder to trigger an easier to recover from. It's believed that system is what caused the nose of the Lionair 737 max eight to go down in Indonesia last year. It's unknown yet. If it played a role in Ethiopia, a Senate aviation committee will hear from the NTSB and the FAA this afternoon ABC's, Mark Remillard as acting administrator. Daniel L, well is expected to testify and will likely be asked about reports that the FAA may have delegated some of its regulatory and certification duties to Boeing Chicago's mayor wants to know why charges were dropped against empire. Actor jussie smollet is not on the level. This looks like because he's an actor a person of influence he got TRE treated differently than anybody else. Mayer. Rahm Emanuel, speaking to ABC news this morning smollet had been accused of lying about being attacked ABC news chief legal analyst, Dan Abrahams. The confusing part about this is what exactly was the deal here. What he had to forfeit bond of ten thousand dollars and serve a few hours of community service. And then claim that there was no deal. I mean, his lawyers out there saying there was no deal. The border has been busy with more people being apprehended if the current trend continues customs and border protection will have apprehended more than a million people along the southern border by the end of fiscal two thousand nineteen ABC's Jim Ryan border officials. Tell ABC news their faculties are already way past their limit measles worries about northern north of New Jersey or New York City has one county declaring state emergency Rockland county now banning unvaccinated kids from going to public indoor places like grocery stores or restaurants Justice department now says special counsel, Robert Muller's full report will be delivered in a matter of weeks. You're listening to ABC news. It's amazing. But true when it comes to one of America's biggest house. Old expenditures health care. A lot of people think they've gotten no choice. People used to thinking we have to do it this way. But they don't. Yes, you have the freedom to choose an alternative with your healthcare. It's meta share in a costs way less than the alternatives. The typical family say five hundred dollars a month, not a year a month. And if you're single this can save you a lot too. And let's face it. A big reason medishare's four hundred thousand people strong it just works. They shared over three billion in medical bills. So they can help share your needs to joining meta share for so many people is one of those things that makes you say why didn't I do this before? So yes, the time has come for something better looking at joining meta share and see why so many people are opting out of the old way into the new why not look into this. Just call eight seven seven twenty-six bible. That's eight seven seven twenty six b I b l e eight seven seven twenty-six bible. President Trump will preside over a medal of honor ceremony today. At the White House ABC's. Karen travers. President Trump today will present his eighth medal of honor a posthumous award for army staff sergeant Travis Atkins who died in two thousand seven while saving the lives of three of his fellow soldiers. The president will present the metal to Atkins family here at the White House. She'll be the first time the president has awarded one news service servicemember who fought in Iraq. According to the White House will Atkins was serving in two thousand seven he engaged in hand to hand combat with a suspected insurgent and realize the insurgent was attempting to trigger a suicide vest. The White House says Atkins tackled him using his own body to shield his fellow soldiers from the explosion. Karen travers. ABC news the White House. An elephant has died. Another one at an Indiana. Zoo officials at the Indianapolis zoo say eight-year-old Kalina died Tuesday, a week after six year old nyah passed away confirmed that both of these elephants had.

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