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One we're going to get to see the first, units, on offense and defense. Jeff Johnny academic with Tom there jaundice hope you're enjoying your afternoon and evening in Chicago our parts around the. Country and parts unknown and that's where we begin the day today right. Here in the sunny skies at Denver Colorado. We'd been since Tuesday Later in the day Tom and practice with the Broncos familiarity should breach some success in terms of a. Game today right when you think about the bears and the guys that. Are fighting for jobs every single day every single snap it gets a little. Bit more serious because the evaluation time is being cut down every single time you get on the, field but now you talk about the uniqueness, of this game because I've watched a lot of NFL. Games over the, weekend and every one of them talk about their practices during, the week leading up to the gains same thing here is you don't have this experience during the regular season you. Don't practice against your opponent and come out here and play against them so there are, small details that you better file away during the course, of, the week of practice whether it's the cadence snap counter the quarterback whether, it's the body balance of. Whatever position you play and you know some of these guys are going to flourish because of, it, but some guys are going, to be exposed because of it and you hope it, doesn't result in something awful right when they're. Exposed to this is going to be for an offensive protection point of view a tough, defensive, deal with the edges Oh my gosh One of the biggest stories to me is going to be Bobby Massie. Verse von Miller von Miller is one. Of the best The, premier pass rusher in the. NFL he's short he's stocky he's strong he's got an inside spin. Move that if, you're off balance you're going. To get beat he's got an outside burst of quickness that is secondary to nobody so Bobby. Mass he's gotta be Emma's game he's gotta, take up a lot of space. And he's gotta use his length as an asset, if he gets beat quick by a. Spin move that? Stays in your head and now you've got to think about the protection so. You gotta start sliding towards them what are you gonna do leave their first rounder on. The opposite side of the field free Much if he's even, gonna play I guess he's, really? Pushing the play von Miller there's some talk. That he wanted to get on the field today but he's been itching to do, it but. It'll be fun I hope he plays I do I do I I wanna see good against good you always want to see the best of the best why come out. Here for, these preseason, games when you're getting ready for the regular season. Not play. Guys my. Gosh if. Any in this whole big word that we heard all offseason, callous what are you gonna. Do gonna get him callous if you don't play like you brought. Up the other. Day Tom Brady played a. Half right and that was through twenty six past steps just go look at the one of. The guy who is Cal is a rookie, Anthony Miller I enjoyed watching him. Throughout camp enjoyed watching him and the dual practice, sessions with the Denver Broncos and he's. Getting a lot? Of input from a veteran in this team Allen Robinson Anthony Miller joining us We have a whole, lot.

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