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Get on a rolling continue and they just don't they fizzle out for one for one reason or another. And let's not forget pit road speeding. Penalties and pit road issues and all that stuff. That scares me too with a lot of people. We're looking at the play out pitcher right there. And obviously, the name everybody's talking about bagman is being outside, is Martin Truex Junior. I think normally we'd be thinking, this is a guy, he's one at Watkins Glen one there in 2017 on his way to the championship, has won at Sonoma as one many road courses throughout his career, but no one's really talking about it as a contender this week. Kyle said it this morning. Did he miss his best shot already at Richmond because of the way Toyota has run on road courses this year and the fact that Truex doesn't have a win in a super speedway, can Martin Truex Junior still make the playoffs. He's going to have to have more help than he needed last week because I agree with Kyle. I thought Richmond was his best opportunity. Statistically coming in MTG was gold last week. When you were coming in to Watkins Glen, I think some of the bloom has fallen off his rose at Watkins plan in road forces. And he even admitted it with us on motor racing network last week. He's like, look, we're not as good as the road courses as we used to be. And there's obviously a difference there. I'm not going to totally rule him out, but I got people that I think that could win that race right now more than I think he can. And then we go to Daytona. He's just not been good on super speedways. Martin, there's a wreck that's going to break out. Martin's going to be in the middle of it. I mean, he came close to winning that Daytona 500, but as far as being one of those names on the short list to win the Daytona, I just don't have MTG there. He's going to have to have some help, something's going to have to happen to the 12, or he's going to have to take advantage of some pitch strategy or some luck of the draw at Daytona, but I think his best chances to even make it to the playoffs have passed. My confidence is low on the 19th. Not saying they can't do it, but my confidence is a whole lot less this week than it was going into Richmond last week. And you feel like ship may have sailed. Yeah. Listen, I do. I think listen, he's had success on the road courses. And but here we've seen what the Chevy's done. We just talked to Randall. We know what chase brings to the road course and the Chevy's bringing the road tours and Tyler brings to the road course. And we know what Austin brings to the road course and some of these guys that are pretty good. I think Martin continues to go down by the time we get to Daytona. I've got Corey Lajoie, Austin Dillon, Eric Almirola, Ricky Stenhouse. I got all these guys ahead of Martin Truex when by the time I get to Daytona

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