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Isn't this, I mean, this is so sad and sickening that Mitch McConnell would participate in this type of nonsense, but there he is, caving an acquiescing, but thank God enough of you called enough of you spoke out enough of you shared your feelings about this. And it's not going to happen as a result. And thank God some senators stand up as well. Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell, in particular, multiple sources with knowledge of the matter to Breitbart News was called flat footed in response after he had this weekend acquiesced to demand from Senate leader Chuck Schumer and outgoing House speaker Nancy Pelosi to include the JCP a in the NDAA only house GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, the likely next Speaker of the House was fighting at all or fighting at fighting it all along among the vaunted four corners, the so called four leaders of the two chambers of Congress. So this guy, Kevin McCarthy, give him props, three against one. He was standing to make sure that the JCP a was not included in the defense authorization act or the defense Bill. And this would have been so stupid because we are going to take over the house starting beginning January 3rd and there was no need for Mitch McConnell to make a deal without going Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and we know that Chuck Schumer is going to remain as going to remain the Senate leader and he was going to anyway, regardless of the outcome of last night, but he certainly has more power or will have more power beginning in January than he currently has now with a true majority in the Senate, which we'll get into shortly. But there was no need for Mitch McConnell to make a deal in the lame duck session with Democrats. That's our problem. Republicans don't know how to win. They're too comfortable with being weak. And that is a big problem. I'm sorry, weak Republicans are not only complicit in the, and the decline of America. I believe they are just as much. I know that I don't say this to be hyperbolic. I'm sure there's plenty of you that might agree with me, but I come to the conclusion that we Republicans are just as much an existential threat to America as the radical leftists that want to destroy it because if you don't send your butt up and fight for your country, we lose it. We lose it. If you don't get it, if you're out of touch like the Mitch mcconnells of the world, we will lose this country. And we are well on that slippery slope to doing just that. However, I will not. I will not, I will not despair. Let me give you some more good news real quick, all right? So Musk fires jam baker. Now, this is very, this is a very important piece of news. Now, I'll share a few why. Now, I told you today that we were going to have a care Frederick on from the heritage foundation. Unfortunately, her newborn got a fever. She is not able to come on. She's an expert when it comes to all things social media. She heads up the heritages, foundations, their organization, their department that deals with all things social media. She's a genius when it comes to this stuff. Not just social media, but laws and legislation, regulation, how it impacts you and I. So hopefully she will be with us later in the week, but she had to tend to her newborn, so God bless her for that. But we will have someone on here to make sure that we delve into this big time because this is still a very important story. Actually, it is the most important story. That is, you have a president of the United States that's totally corrupted. Let me take a swig, sorry. You have a president of the United States and Joe Biden. That's totally corrupted. And you have a DoJ that helped to that's helped to hide. Some of his corruption, if not much or all of his corruption. So this is a very important story. But hat tip to the federalist. Twitter CEO Elon Musk fire Jim Bakker. That's the company's deputy general, basically deputy general counsel. That's it. Their lead attorney, all right? On Tuesday, after an unconvincing explanation, quote unquote of the terminated employees roll in the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story. So, Matt taibbi, he's the independent journalist that he's the one that released the Twitter thread or the Twitter files if you will. Over the weekend, a massive story, obviously detailing some of the corruption that went on behind the scenes in order to censor Americans and destroy our First Amendment and free speech. Matt taibbi was the one to release that. Well, he also posted a link to an article from attorney Jonathan turley. Jonathan turley, you see him all the time. He's a Democrat, but he's a fair Democrat. He's what I would call a liberal. If there's one that really exists in the United States, Jonathan turley is one, okay? All right, so but he was writing for The New York Times or published a column in The New York Times or I'm sorry, New York Post forgive me. And he connected baker's work at Twitter with his prior operations where he promulgated the Russia collusion hoax. So this guy was a lead attorney if not the head attorney in the DoJ peddling the Russia collusion hoax in 2016, baker was the Clinton campaign's go to speed Dow, go to speed Dow contact. Quote unquote, this according to Jonathan turley, to plant false claims about the Kremlin, collusion, and the Trump White House effort, the Clinton campaign lawyer Michael sussman, according to Jonathan turley, picked baker, that is Jim Bakker to give junk intelligence about a purported connection between then president Donald Trump and the Russian alpha bank. So that's who Jim baker is. Jim Bakker, Jim Bakker was still working at Twitter. Why Elon Musk didn't fire this food right away. I do not know maybe he was just trying to give him a shot, maybe Jim baker sweet talked Elon Musk and convinced them that he wasn't the corrupt little punk that he is. Whatever it may be, he stuck around for a little while, but he's no longer there now. Here's what Jonathan turley had to say as well. And I quote, speaking of Jim Bakker, he was effectively forced out due to his role in reportedly found himself under criminal investigation, he became a defender of the Russian investigations despite finding a biased and even criminal conduct. After leaving the FBI, he was kicked out of the FBI or left the FBI after leaving the FBI Twitter seemed eager to hire baker as their deputy general. So now the Twitter files exposed Jim Bakker for the corrupt little punk that he is, the first batch of Twitter files out on Friday revealed how baker went on to play an instrumental role in suppressing blockbuster stories from the New York Post. So here it is. Former attorney lead attorney and the DoJ goes to Twitter becomes a lead attorney at Twitter and he promulgates or he helps to promulgate the story of the Russia collusion hoax knowing damn well that Hunter Biden's laptop was real and legit knowing damn well that he was lying and here he was trying to shape the news. You're telling me there isn't a deep state. I'm sorry, this is this evidence tells me that's completely wrong. There is a deep state..

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