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Agree. The global warming scam is a scam. And it is it's it's international. What are we supposed to do about? This. Exactly. What can we do? I we spread the word. But then what? On their. I'm sorry. No. I'm just saying I we spread the word. And that's we spread the word to enough people know that this this global warming climate change things just a big scam. And you've got your your Australia natural resource management board and the national resource management act of two thousand four which is impeding. You're ability to grow clean, healthy foods. We'll be eating GMO. Food out of out of China. I mean once the awareness is raised what do we do next because these people aren't going to stop with this agenda. John had some challenges. Management after two thousand four and I'll just listening a few things that. Fiction hundred and twenty seven six. Four non conform individuals. So let's just say started shifting walks up the company and selling them non-complying for an individual. Security for the phone if you're a body corporate or business seventy. Shifting walks off your laundry company lie the government, which is a privilege for the Democrats in America. Neva guys wanted to change that non-complying film individuals from thirty five thousand to seven hundred and if you were business from seventy to two point two million now walks thirty fall fair enough. But I'll tell you why because the natural resource monitors that Mexico Maria's is will. Thirty five thousand dollars white say behind seven hundred thousand barrels and said a few times seventy three point two million dollars. We'll send a few times, and I want to do it because to take worser Levy on that particular Bill it's got underneath you don't this to type a certain time interest. And if you probably. You can seize your land. Walk into communism. Doing under the environmental banner food will be astronomical. John NFL can bring up the low flow patches passes action step down into a dance. Liberal party, which is a disgrace to be honest. I can't believe they're doing that. Publican's in America. Twelve and a half. Of textiles money. Copses on Dame's. So in other words, let's water go into less water for stock trades in pitches, which in turn capable let's water. Protect stuck. Go there Hines and Lloyds in the case of messy, messy, Bush vase and what? Bush bushfires they're getting old. So here that strike not because of gambled on China because they in mental plotting oldest low-density scrub Bush all around the country. It's got nothing to do with climate change. As far as the hotter. The danger because of the landscape the presiding. It's all a part of the big pain. I want a. And they want to be one big national pot. These people are wide very very differently. John it is it actually discuss another senior management act of two thousand and four section sixty nine. So section sixty nine. To bring in takeaway wrought nine song. I haven't got any nice with John sitting out in the paddock looking at the. Fiction sixty they wanted to take away. This is the here. Or rock to remind silent. So let's rainbow coming in my finances and all night. So the fashion department get the ice. They would not be able to engage a lawyer. Streep couldn't we stopped that. And also steps the formed. Two hundred thirty two on twin cities inside. So getting back to your question. People can work people don't realize how powerful they are. If you go into a business, and let's say you order a meal coffee or drink happy with the service, you'll know hippie paid one affecting the meal you walk out. That is a very, very careful moods. Can you imagine United? We stand divided. We fall capable pass Kenwood. We'll have to keep chipping away. He really day, John. We gotta keep chipping. What's what? Will the solid majority. Not solid anymore. We're headed got full backs up against the wall. So we can just be. What is this is not something that could happen this? This is actually happening. John I'm giving you this happened. We are living and breathing mission. You know, we can't even playing right saw here. So we can't protect their times. We we we've got a fall we protect the property. This you want to see the debris, then meshes garages or more particular right side. That would burn some months we have touching because its habitat because you know, there's a one. Sixty two. Little lizard. Get banned these animals and reptiles identity and snipe anyway, clear election fit, we're gonna size more. If we've got more grazing land where they could escape this whole agenda is rubbish. Really? It's it's rough. Or just can't believe that. We're even talking about this people believe in. You know, what's interesting is. That's reminiscent of what happened in California with the fires out there. Governor Brown and his agenda twenty one and his wants to re wild. Yeah. The Endangered Species Act and the rewarding of well. It's a no use movement governor Jerry Brown's it convenient bogeyman for climate realists. I wonder if that's what caused the fires to burn with such intense. California's this re Wilding idea that may not be official, but it is happening anyway, because they're saying a lot of people are saying these fires were set deliberately I don't know. But many of the people were fighting those fires are saying that, you know, these these four seven been cleared of of instantly flammable material in a long time. They've just become gigantic tinderbox is with no mention of whatsoever. And so it sounds to me as though this is. Calculated to have precisely the effect that it's had. John, and and we've had messy follows here in Australia, and once, you know, delaying gets older scrubbing things like that. What did I days environmentalists gone retired for the game? So instead of clearing look for traffic on land is not arable crops. We've got plenty of that sort of did you know what you're doing. They now plotting their cities, and suburbs, then cities and suburbs. I can tell you because of this looks down on, you know. I can't putting on my phone because got a few years ago. Nine more dams the understand the catchment area. So how is it possible to draft prince farms? Listen to this one you build a new subdivision subdivision and putting the Dan also that cooler of wetlands at flood mitigation conned Dame's lanes dams slept litigation partners, our NATO. I system and they fading stuck effigies which in the paper. This whole agenda is a bad gay population starvation, and they're gonna have it gonna habit of nine eight this rubbish. John patient get competition. Or how's your blood pressure? Also, my blood pressure is very very good health. Yours are very passionate. But it doesn't get me down. I never fought for this country and take my head off to the people that have served and around the world. I should oldest. If they turn to and a gold medal, but I fought in another way people can work on it really can. But you're not be less than they has to be this Laci. The. It's critical. We haven't got much time. They thought well, they're gonna lose it. They're gonna do. Got you. You know, Peter I'd like to bring brandy in on this conversation here because of the similarities. Between South Africa and South Australia. Now, we know what happened in Zimbabwe. When they ran the farmers out of there. We must have the land. So they got the land and then immediately commenced starving to death. I think they're on their third or fourth round of bringing the farmers back. But it's too late. Really? Because now the communist Chinese have their claws and an artificial hooks into that country. And they're doing the same thing with South Africa. So brandy Peter Peter Rennick. Other pita? I'm always, well, I know that Australia. There was a movement way that actually supported the South African farmers to pull them over. But as you know, liberals got involved, and and they pretend like it's not happening. We've got to we've got to really keep the pressure up there. I'll see you. You'd like more correct me if I'm wrong, but. It tight caught a few watch confinements. Well, another movement. They I have not heard of one single person actually going over. So I'm not sure if it's if it's a real news on not on. No sell Africa's potty breaks which is Russia. So it's I'm I'm not sure what the situation I'm in touch, obviously with a lot of people back harm. But I've not heard of one single person that's actually gone over but pretty much stuck then getting murdered. I mean that is Jada Africa was kind of tastes paid and the same stuff that you are describing trust tonight. We we've experienced that they already an act all the same symptoms. I here in America as well. So is obviously a worldwide agenda, and that is to to read the world of. Productive. People productive people who can actually farm and ranch go after you. Oso? Gone.

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