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To the Lisa Jaffe, our editor. Jeremy grater top stories. We're tracking actress Lori Laughlin and her husband are entering a not guilty plea in the college admission scam. According to court documents filed today in Boston has been plead not guilty to federal fraud and money, money laundering charges and also waive their right to appear in federal court for an arraignment to lose presidential campaign reporting raising more than two million dollars since March first beating Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren but far behind Bernie Sanders, Kamala, Harris and Beddoe Rourke. It is heartbreaking sight Notre Dame cathedral. In Paris continues to burn now, just a shell of its former self the spire and roof gone, but the facade and bell towers have been saved and the president of France is promising to rebuild retired KOMO TV anchor Dan Lewis was just in front of the cathedral on Saturday and spoke today with komo's Taylor van Cise. So you know, when I was there, and I did visit it and walk by it and take pictures of it several times over the last ten days or so one of the first things I noticed for my photography was there was scaffolding on that part of the building where the spire was and it caught my attention. And I of course, now makes me wonder if the construction work it was going on in something to do with it. It's such a beautiful building. So historical. There were big crowds. There every day that I saw it. I was just there Saturday admiring it. I grew up a Catholic boy and just it's such a special thing to see, and you kinda stand there and all like, wow, I'm really at Notre Dame cathedral. And as I see this fire today is just one of the saddest things I've ever seen. It is you know, the week leading up to Easter weekend. And at this point, no one has said anything about terrorism or an attacker, intentional arson or anything like that. But what was the security presence like there with so many people and? And Easter weekend just days away security throughout the city of Paris is so noticeable high saw so many police with a heavy weaponry on display at Notre Dame cathedral at the Eiffel tower sheltie lose a tray of almost anywhere, you go you see that security. Sadly, Paris and France knows all too. Well. The effects of terrorism and they're on guard. I mean, obviously, it's impossible to guard everything, but you cannot miss the security if you wander around the city of Paris, I've never been to Paris. I don't know necessarily how the streets and all of that are laid out. But it's it's taken a long time for us to see any evidence of firefighters on the scene. We see it now. But for a long time, we didn't see, you know, hoses or anything like that being dragged through the crowd is it is it an easy to access kind of area can can fire trucks get there. They can definitely get there. It's definitely an easy area to access if you're walking. But that's another thing. I noticed on this trip in Paris traffic in that city can be absolutely miserable. So it would not surprise me. If once that fire started, and if any cars on those streets stop to look at what was going on for those fire trucks get through it could've taken a long time to get there. Retired KOMO TV anchor Dan Lewis just in front of the cathedral. Saturday speaking with komo's Taylor van Cise. Komo news time is for twenty and time now.

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