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PTI today. Thanks up for that. Mike wilbon will be in the first mid West Bank studio here in fifteen minutes. He's going from Toronto saying Chicago for a couple of nights, then we'll be in Oakland for game six of the NBA finals, the drama will continue and will continue to broadcast all the games right here came six coverage starts Thursday at seven o'clock lob yourself. A good shot out on I do. Yeah. Shout out. To beating people. Shout out for anybody. Remember, we give a shout out to the guy who listens to the podcast at McDonald's. He said, we'd never got a shoutout to the podcasters and I had Uber. Jay the other day, good time for shot up, then Hoover, J drove Dany ever in me to the cubs game on Saturday afternoon. Okay, it's my turn for shout out. Then I'd like to send a shout out to the guy and don't know his name. I was at the gas station getting gas today and he pulled in like one of those car haulers had cars on it. Right. And he pulled in. He says, hey, I listen to you guys all day, every day, just hold your coz cousins car from some distance earlier today, and I yelled at him cousin Volvo. He goes, I guess I don't know love you guys so shout. Shout out to my dog penny. Just turned ten yesterday. She's an OG day one, so shut up any happy birthday. Would you like to finish the shoutout roundout throws shout out to Alex Morgan who scored twenty goals in today's game? And now we're public enemy number one. It's Morgan scored five goals tying the women's fee for World Cup record for a woman in a match so taking some heat on on on the post game show. Someone I forget, who whoever is hosting the post game show. There's people yelling. They said you can't celebrate after you've score after you're up four nil. Much less. I and eleven twelve thirteen I know Schwab struck out to end the game yesterday. But I am I am praying tonight for another home run from cows wherever please. When he does. Everybody just tweet cap at once. Not no context. No, nothing. Was he out Lynch? Rivers struck out was he sending any, he was reading last. Have you heard that he was with Trubisky last night? I know I didn't know that guys cap just texted me he's listening. He wanted to let you know that he was with Trubisky last night. Good. Yeah. Isn't he having dinner with somebody in the next couple of days? Yeah. I don't know if that's we're supposed to say. I didn't say he's been over somebody Mindy. Right. Maybe it's Tom dibitetto coming to town. His show tomorrow. Yeah. Gives his on tabs. Yeah. Like I thought that the raptors even without kiddie Katie planet all we're going to go down quickly and that's we were all wrong. Yeah. It's been a crazy series so far. The raptors thought had that game one with three minutes left before we get back into it. And then Colin jerks at five guys. We have not relayed the net Nagy quotes, I know you're, you're trying to pull them, but Waddle has them to read to draw. Like net net. We people were tweeting us again, Soviet with the kickers blah, blah, blah. This kickers bad teams with kickers and this, and that Matt Nagy he's bringing this stuff up. He, he spoke after JD joined as talking about the cases from Kevin fish pain is with the F, correct. am i right about that i wanna give him the appropriate of phillies correct okay matt nagy was asked what he thought when all three kickers missed their kicks in front of the team in the gusta silence today quote whatever went through your mind went through my mind they went over three from forty two yards what went through my mind it's the most important kick in the afternoon the entire team is watching all the coaches reporters are watching twenty to twenty five bears alum i guess maybe this is kevin fish pains assumption are watching twenty to twenty five bears alum and attendance along with other guests and eddie pierre elliott fry chris blewitt each missed it's surreal i think that was kevin fish pain responding to women nagy said whatever went through your mind went through my mind they went over three from forty two for three today from forty two and in just a mini camp so i the quest will this is going to continue especially with good teams you know it's it's one thing when you're seventy nine team and you don't have a guy who could kick and we're getting mad at connor barth because he can't kick on john fox team it's another thing we were playing the philadelphia eagles and your quarterback just brought you down field for the winning field goal go play the l._a. rams and and yeah it's different between a win and a loss your first playoff win since win twenty the twenty ten season look it's it's been an issue for for ryan pace from from jump street it's the thing that he hasn't been able to find the answer to is kicker that they can count on long terms yeah yeah here's michael royalty just walked in the like i said last week When Michael wilbon is done for this shell. Oh, yeah. He's as in Toronto. He's in Oakland. He's on PTI. He's happiest when he's working. No, I, I don't know that to be true. yeah i i just said that sound like the right thing to say we only have a couple of minutes here then we're going to talk kyle hendricks but okay i was trying to sum up to the guys off the air about what you texted me earlier this morning you've covered now how many n._b._a. finals near thirty three or thirty four last night in the grand scheme of drama rank for you highs anything as high as any single event night like they've been a lot of games i mean that was at the game we're magic the junior skyhook i was jordan's last shot i was jordan's first grade final shot the switch hands on sam perkins shot i've been at isaiah thomas i i've been in a lot of but in not in any one of those games that you have a star the magnitude of kevin durant being involved in pre-game drama which look like how you get a b. can he do dust off the russ bam three sam three a._m. three i mean that was a loan like floated to the top third then you get him fallen out on the same leg and the the the fans i almo cheering his injury than being talked out of that by like three toronto players saying we're not having that right right and then they changed his name k. d. k. d. as he goes into the tunnel and then you come back and you get your resume a wildly dramatic game that was poorly played in a lot of ways but those are the best Some of the best, some of the most dramatic games aren't class, right? No one. And that game was flawed. timeouts out the defensive strategy why did you learn lose that's right the goaltending to when we come back i want to know from you out of all those things not just the injury whether it was a quote a play a take something that like what are you most hot about or most interested about from last night michael's here for the five o'clock hour cow hendrix who is one of the hottest pitchers in baseball is going to join us from colorado we have an action packed five o'clock hour inside.

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