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My ass i told you before that choice was at the ranch for a nice long trip little did he know things all we're going to shit the bank said new credit cards to his home he didn't know why so you picked up the phone dow the bank and see what's going down they gave him the run a round customer since ninety four with an eight fifty five credit score invested tons of greenbacks now he's taking it out and not coming back tom closed as accounts at wellsfargo closed as account at wellsfargo he's done with wells fargo took out millions full throttle with millions chance that i have to go back to wells fargo john chaddy p high tolerance is expected this would bring you to your knees so the question whether he's machine he super high doses because he's got the three pain john carr jc my husband's missile i just as i told you before the choice issue well four why don't you come to your thome withdrew all news shirts enclosed all his accounts no fucking to go back to all give it up for very nice for more wrapping up here out no tribute to our power zeh fell it's about talk a little trip he deserves a break in his place but see this fooling up on this little stool is jose paul so compass style try again suck that have trouble a while back he's got plenty of sounds like era tacoma we'll have to give you what the merit now of the train practice trip out of that's big yes yes be.

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