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It's morning edition from npr news i'm steve inskeep and i'm david greene in a speech later today president trump has an opportunity to follow through on a campaign promise we will move the american embassy to the eternal capital of the jewish people jerusalem that was then candidate donald trump speaking to a packed the pro israel american lobbying group now moving the us embassy to jerusalem would overturned decades of precedent world leaders from pope francis to turkish president rigid tiv aired want are warning against doing this so what could all this mean for the future of the israeli palestinian conflict i want to turn to daniel kurtzer he served as us ambassador to israel under president george w bush he is now professor at princeton besser welcome good morning dave said why is this announcement such a big deal well it's inexplicable uh from the perspective of our diplomacy uniform policy and it's selfdefeating with respect to the president's stated desire to achieve some progress in the middle east peace process the reason we have not a move the embassy in the past or decl make declarations on jerusalem is because we have been acting as an honest broker mediator third party intermediary antiserb it is such a sensitive issue of the status of jerusalem the question of whether there will be two capitals in jerusalem in the context of a twostate solution and so uh every administration until now has wrestled with this issue but come to the conclusion that it would be best for us diplomacy and for the process of making a not to do this what you say president does it or if i may say inexplicable but but several us presence including george w bush who you worked for called at some point for a similar move so it is going to be a valid argument at least to make here well there is a valid argument to jerusalem is israel's capital and that's where they have all their their uh uh institutions of state uh but the status of jerusalem is not been too termined nor has its borders have been determined and therefore uh each president as a candidate has called for the united states recognize jerusalem and move the embassy but once behind the a.

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