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Buddy routine. I'm telling you, I left recording it. I laughed listening to it to make sure I was okay. And I left now listening to it. That impression of the Weed eater is perfect right on that again. It's Sid Davis. We got three of them from him, and we appreciate it. His comedy today. I'm Dave, Syria. It's Saturday morning. And that means you ought to know. Let's go to the phones. Steve isn't Woodstock. Good morning to you, Steve. Good morning, Dave. Can you hear me? Ok, I can, sir. Good to talk to you. Great. Very good first. Thanks for Mitch Hedberg. You introduced me to him as a comedian, and I Wasted, like an hour and a half. He didn't waste him on you to abuse. You didn't waste it. I'm telling you, that was our behalf. Well, well used. Tell you he is one funny man to shame that he's no longer with us. But boy, he was very funny. Yeah, just inside the and John Pinette to go both gone because I would pay anything. Go see those guys live. Oh, absolutely. They were both fans. I John Pinette. It's just a sad story because he had been trying to lose weight all his life, and he finally had the operation and started to lose weight. And then he had the heart attack, and it's just a shame that something that would happen but Both of them. Hilarious, man. No doubt about it. Yep. Yep. All right. Here's the business to resonate Civic with the four cylinder. Of course. Yes, I got a It's got 192 on it barely broken in right exactly have thousands of miles left. Absolutely. And that's what I'm riding till the wheels come off e got a cylinder to misfire. I do have a do you have a scanner? My own. Okay. It was It was about 10,000 out from changing plugs. So I changed the plugs anyway, right? Um And then I switched the number two and the number three coil. Good. See what would happen Well, like, behold, I did get after driving like 10 Miles. I finally got a code. And said So under three misfire. There you go. Then I'm his quill. That means the coil. So I put it put in new Delphi coil in there. Now. Here's the deal. I'm still getting a slight Not nearly what it was before. But now I'm getting a slight acceleration. Hesitation, but not on every acceleration like from a red light, that kind of thing. Anything else? I should pay attention to Well could be a fuel injector. It could be the fuel system could be a little Claude. You may need to have the like the fuel system like an induction service. We talked about that. At the beginning of the show. It's called induction and that cleans out the ejection system that cleans out the cats that cleans out. The intake the whole bit and that maybe something that's necessary because it's not setting a light now, our code correct, correct. I can get its ascent now. So it's something mechanical, possibly causing the problem. Not electrical, not computer. If it was computer or electrical, the computer would recognize it, but it can't recognize a mechanical Dirty fuel injector or dirty intake. So that's why I'm recommending the induction service and that may help it considerably. Okay. And that would be a a service rather than an additive. Correct. Correct. That is a service they do put it. They do put additives in the fuel system to do the service. But it is an actual service. Most repair facilities charge anywhere between 102 $100 for an induction service. That sounds good. I'll head over to sharing cross in a couple weeks. I've got to travel first. There you go. Sounds good, Steve. Very good. Thank you again. Hey, thanks for listening and appreciate you enjoying the comedy on the show. Thank you Always hear. Thank you. All right. Don is in Dundalk. Hey, don, How you doing? Hey, Mr Good morning. Got a quick question for you. And that Who would you recommend for interior repairs on vehicles such as, like repairing seats. Well, I'm I'm pretty much out of that category because I used to have a gentleman Don, who retired and he'd used to do all of my work when I was up in Maryland, and then he also I also recommended them to all the listeners here, But he has retired just that Mike Lambert's gonna retire as I've retired. Everybody's old, you know, too young for that. Well, when I say retire, I mean, I'm still doing the auto show and I love doing that. But my auto repair business I retired from so Getting up at five o'clock in the morning and hearing about people talk about their cars at 6 37 o'clock is now over. And that's not a bad thing, but then bends on Ben's upholstery. In Parkville. I've had some dealings with, okay, Ben's upholstery, and I don't know if this guy is still doing his work, but I don't with him before up in Bel Air, and it's called ICO E C o upholstery. Don't have either phone number handy. But Ben's upholstery is right on Harford Road in the heart of Parkville, Huh? ICO upholstery is in a industrial park right across the street from where the Bel Air auction used to be Okay? Yep. Okay. Now, one thing I did notice, and that was a couple of colors. Talking about frame issues with Toyota's Yes. Okay. Tundras, 600 sequoias, mostly. Several years ago, we received a small free by five postcard from toilet. And what itwas was there was a settlement. Like stand, California versus Toilet and If you only had with him like $150,000, or whatever on the vehicle would want you taking it to the dealer had it inspected Haven't serviced And if the frame had to be replaced, it was all covered under their warranty, Right? And this gentleman had that done 10 years ago. Okay, And now he's got the problem again, and now they're giving him a hard road. So that's what I'm trying to tell him. That makes some noise on that situation was. Toyota doesn't want that bad advertising, but he did have some frame repair to his Sequoia. Yeah, well, you have to pull out all the noise makers there, Ugo today. Thank you much. Thank you. Don appreciate it. Gary In Pikesville. We have literally about a minute and a half buddy. Yeah, I got 19. 92 99 74 stars. Okay, Well, just a vehicle mission inspections, sister. Yes, and it gave a diagnostic trouble code of P zero. 715 senses. If.

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