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Gulf on corby show news radio 610 wtvn what's going on sterling of john corby show share on vacation even the warming trend in a sense of what i do in light of a wasn't doing this every walking the dog muttering to myself and asking questions to anyone who listen instead you've got me a ledger long josh fees over there bradley the patient joe is not draw don't be occasion beardson said blocks going on evil and holding will give you gotta bring something else up ana and mentioned this before and is just odd for yesterday abc six had his story about a woman in texas at a trampoline part which i didn't know they had those but they do and she was breastfeeding her kid someone complain than manager came over got to be a rear deal and he was going to go someplace else they can't take anybody out for breastfeeding obey because babies get hungary and anywhere mommy can go she should be able to feed the kid which makes good sense that sounds like good law right there because what else you're going to do do if he got hungry kid if not feed them i know people very sensitive about the exposure of the lady parts and whatnot but is sort of how we're all made of all women are may of in i came across that yesterday and other well that was interesting as kind of weird and then after i left here i had to go home and then i remembered the crazy insane paranoid freaked out dog's halfway better from the fireworks over the fourth needed dog food he was out so i go to the store to get dog food and i go to very big chain store and on the in there and roaming around doing the grocery stuff and i see this woman she's got a couple of kids with she's pushing the cart and she's got a baby in some type of apparatus on the front of births were like a pouch or whatever i don't know whilst recall it like a baby backpack but upfront and then at some point as i see her again she's adjusting the kid in in the kids ginning latch on he's got to ease hungary i'm assuming it's he could be a shiite although in anyway i and.

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