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Day is different <Speech_Music_Female> and you now. The thing <Speech_Music_Female> that's actually <Speech_Female> part about my job. <Music> Is it. Give me you never <Music> get bored today. Woke <Music> up at three o'clock <Music> in the morning <Music> and <Speech_Music_Male> I went <Speech_Music_Male> and went downstairs <Speech_Music_Male> and did good <Speech_Music_Male> morning. America <Speech_Music_Female> right at East <Speech_Telephony_Male> Coast and <Music> <hes> <Speech_Music_Male> Out about <Speech_Music_Male> four or five on <Music> <Music> things and <Speech_Female> I'm this interview <Speech_Music_Female> with you <Music> and <Speech_Music_Male> for the rest of the day I'll <Speech_Music_Male> be judging America America <Speech_Music_Male> Today <Speech_Female> You <Speech_Female> know and trying to just <Speech_Music_Female> keep my email <Speech_Music_Female> and <Silence> text and chat <Speech_Music_Female> and tonight <Speech_Female> you know big <Speech_Music_Male> night on stage <Speech_Music_Male> down there in the <Speech_Music_Male> ballroom <Speech_Music_Male> and then you <Speech_Music_Female> know it's it's <Speech_Female> We're shooting <Speech_Music_Female> Khloe tomorrow <Speech_Music_Female> in Dallas Right now <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> So <Speech_Music_Female> I- executive <Speech_Music_Female> produce data yet. <Speech_Female> So it's you know <Speech_Music_Female> you have to be a <Speech_Music_Male> really good <SpeakerChange> well organized <Speech_Male> multitasker. <Speech_Male> What are <Speech_Male> the biggest challenges <Speech_Male> in managing your family <Speech_Male> members careers? <Speech_Male> And <SpeakerChange> what do you <Speech_Male> hope they will achieve. <Speech_Female> You know just <Speech_Male> being on it all <Speech_Music_Male> the time and really <Speech_Music_Male> just being focused <Speech_Music_Male> and <Speech_Music_Male> letting you know <Speech_Music_Male> each giving <Speech_Music_Male> each project time <Music> it really deserves <Speech_Music_Female> and I'm really. We've <Speech_Music_Female> lucky to have daughters. Who are <Speech_Music_Male> you know self <Music> starters? And they're really <Speech_Music_Male> great. They're great <Speech_Music_Male> work ethic. <Speech_Music_Male> You know everyone in <Speech_Music_Male> my family gets up <Speech_Music_Female> at four or five in the morning <Speech_Female> and looks really really <Speech_Female> aren't all day and <Speech_Female> then you know <Speech_Female> gets up the next <Speech_Female> day and does it all <Speech_Male> over again <Speech_Music_Male> so you know. <Speech_Music_Male> I'm really blessed <Speech_Telephony_Male> with really smart <Speech_Music_Male> girls <Speech_Music_Male> and they love what what <Speech_Music_Male> they're doing. They love <Speech_Male> the quality minds. <Speech_Telephony_Male> They love <Speech_Music_Male> you know the Quick <Speech_Male> Trim brand <Speech_Music_Male> and they work <Speech_Music_Male> on. Kim <Speech_Music_Male> Works on shootout <Speech_Music_Male> all. And <Speech_Music_Male> you know we work con <Speech_Music_Female> every single <Speech_Music_Female> thing the CEO's lying <Speech_Music_Female> you know. And <Speech_Music_Female> I have my Kris <Music> Jenner collection for certain <Speech_Music_Female>

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