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John Miller drank hyper giants baseball on the radio from AT and T park and the giants trailing three two to have two runs. Cross on the homeland by Garcia here in the seventh inning. And Slater who singled as a second Abilene, oh who single digit. I and Kelvin Tomlinson comes up Kelly last year was the giants best pinch hitter. So far this year. Had only two hits in sixteen advances a pinch hitter. Here's a stretch and strong the lefty thrones. And that's too high ball one strong. Is it his fortieth gave he's got a one point nine seven ERA made five starts. Is his thirty fifth relief appearance. He's been tough to hit fifty nine and a third innings only thirty eight hits allowed. But he has given up some home runs. The pitch swing and a foul tip into the glove of hedges. And it's a ball on the strike down. Stemming stays up in the bullpen. Sam Dyson a right handed starts to warm up in the giants bullpen now. Strommen fifty nine and a third innings pitched has sixty eight strikeouts. He's walked nineteen. Both runners read it around at the crack of the bat with two down both run. Well, one one pitch swing. Pop foul off the right field side that will go back into the crowd. Parrella the first baseman and the second baseman Spangenberg Range Rover. But it was not playable. So now. Tomlinson behind them account one and two strikes. Slater is the possible. Tyrod at second base know, the possible goal had run it. I. The often running on contact here with. Strong sets. Throws very high on the outside of the cat is. Two balls and two strikes now. Hunter Pence's on Dag. Challenge.

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