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Is mostly cloudy seventy four degrees right now at O'Hare a day, of remembrances today to the US capital I were Senator John McCain, is lying in state Senate majority leader. Mitch McConnell spoke at a ceremony surrounded by fellow members of. Congress McCain's family and, other representatives, of government As a, restless wave approaches the shores of eternity We thank God for giving this country John McCain Senator McCain is just the thirty first American. To lie in state in, the capitol and in Detroit this morning Funeral services for Aretha Franklin are. Underway at, the greater grace temple former President Clinton and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton are among those attendance in Detroit Closer to home to people remain hospitalized after yesterday's building collapsed on the far south side one is in serious condition United. Airlines says it is adding more flights and using bigger planes this fall to carry passengers to college football games. In the south and elsewhere in the US the Chicago based airline. Says in a statement that the added seats will bring passengers to, top college football markets it's adding more than two hundred thousand seats from September. Through November if, you're trying to avoid serious speeding tickets in Chicago this morning trib, lists a few spots, that you might want to slow down lakeshore drive the trip says stats show. About half of all, speeding citations written in. The city come from the drive especially the thirty nine hundred block of south lake shore drive near oakwood. Beach the trip says Moore speeding tickets were. Issued therefore going at least thirty. Five miles an hour. Over the speed limit, than anywhere else on the drive cops wrote about seven high-speed tickets a day they're twenty five hundred eighty four. In the last year Pam Jones WGN news President. Trump is heading to, North Carolina for the..

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