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You just have a movie called. The don't look up in the cast is Leo jennifer lawns. Meryl streep chris evans. And i'm on my way to work on the only. Have one scene that i'm in with merrill leo jennifer lawrence and enjoy a hill and rob morgan. That's the only seen them in with the heavyweights and i'm shooting in boston. In december The teams took picks me up with me. You in the back of the van. And it's twenty seven degrees fahrenheit and he keeps looking back to wondering why i'm wiping the sweat off my wondering if i'm okay because he's freezing in the fucking van and that's what happened. Just the the notion of having to go to work with those people I got the flop. Sweats i got the albert brooks. In broad hasn't sweats on my way to work once. I got there once we we. We've rehearsed realize these people are just as fucking concerned about being good as i am you know and you know and the beautiful helpful generous and and human and you know immediately got replaced but it happens. Does it get thrown out in terms of your process. Sort of like the i wonder what merrill's processes like the it might in my prepping all that kind of stuff. You had those kinds of nerves or are you still able to stay in your own. Trust your own process and entrust your own gut with regards to that. Let's another thing that kind of is evolved over course the time you know I trust my own ability to get to where. I wanna go more than i used to. If you'd ask them that question. Twenty years ago i would have yeah. I'm on i and i did. I did having to work on scene with marlon. Brando said myself. he's he's probably thinking. What if i can dry out. Because of his his ability to get to where he wants to be as an actor. And i'll never ever you know so. I was applying all this pressure on myself. That was insurmountable but these days and you know it goes back to that big thing of trust you know. It takes a long time to learn. I mean if you're a young guy and you and you have learned the big lesson of trusting in the universe. Then you're way ahead of the game. You're way ahead of where i was. It took me forever to stock to learn how to go. Hey man you've done your homework. You read the scripts lot strong opinions about what's going to make this scene commensurate with what the writer the director intended for it to be. You don't know what you're gonna do when the camera's rolling but you know you you you better just fucking trust that something good is gonna come out Hardest thing to do is like you know like a bungee joe. Just jump off of you know. The burn zone narrows bridge to your death and hope that that core doesn't snap. Have you ever acted in a scene with somebody really disliked is that how does that affect the scene. Can it make it better or no. You just do your work. I mean you just do work And you reserve all that personal stuff kid. You always do that or when you were younger. Would you be like. Oh man i'm i i don't know if i can like no not always always always always about was always about performing your task at hand which is to be your character in the scene regardless of what you think about who you're acting opposite. Sometimes you realize that you have to work a little harder to to maintain chemistry because there is real hatred you the person you're acting whereas them and and and so that becomes part of Little exercise of the day but at the end of the day the only thing to do is play your character in the scene and be true to the authenticity of what it is. You're getting at at at what. What is your process. Like if you don't mind getting into like the right like character bio dude. You go like extensively into their backstory and all that kind of stuff do you primarily just analyze the script in sort of look to see how you can Deliver what's needed in the scene like. Is there a bunch of a ton of prep beforehand. Or are you kind of Mostly focused on the scene at hand. If you're playing somebody Who has a skill set that you need to research than that's what you do You know if you're playing a pilot in airplane pilot or an fbi agent or you know Or schoolteacher gonna wanna do research you know you're gonna want to immerse yourself in those people's approach to doing their job But i would say like ninety percent of the time on just relying on the made up world at the writer has come up with and my process varies depending on how close i feel i am to the character. I feel really close to the character. Basically just read the thing and and then read the thing over and over again as soon as we get closer to the shooting day. Read everything leading up to the senior about to do so that you know you back story and then you come in with your informed about what you're supposed who you're supposed to be in the serb moment in this big st and I don't learn my lives until i've had my first rehearsal..

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