Kentucky to reverse Medicaid cuts


Hundred WW radar shows just a few scattered clouds it's eighty two degrees Kentucky Medicaid officials said yesterday that the. Governor's, cuts to dental and vision coverage affected three hundred seventy three thousand people however the courier journal is reporting tonight that, governor Matt Bevin is now apparently looking to reverse the cuts to that coverage no word. Yet on why he made the cuts after threatening to undo expanded Medicaid altogether if a court ruled against his work requirement plan for Medicaid and one did earlier this year advocates say the city must. Do more when it comes to affordable housing to keep people off the streets the acting city manager says Cincinnati will allow a tent. City near third and Plum To stay, up until Wednesday and in return for that the city will tomorrow, have the mobile. Health clinic come out to service some of the campers down here as well will provide. A porta potty for six days Patrick to Haney says the city will work. To find temporary shelters for the forty or so, people, and then there will be discussions on further improvements and. Senator Rob Portman of, terrace. Park taking to the floor to pitch his stop act Senator Rob Portman the terrorists park Republican says the Bill. He, authored is meant to keep fencing and carpet little out of the postal service and says the problem is filtering into, the workforce a labor force participation rate is economists call it is so low right now. Is largely in my view because of this opioid issue where been says his stop act holds the post office to the same standard as private carriers that is one hundred percent screening of packages it. Requires that by twenty twenty, the, post.

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