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WWL. Call 504-260-1870 or tax eight seventy eight seventy. We're back in. Let's go to London one Dorothy in Mississippi. What say you Dorothy? Hi. That cavenaugh. They don't care. Can you hear me? Yes. Ma'am. Okay. I can't hear and everybody's saying that the latest they, you know, they'd have not tell me society, and they stall and they're not stalling. This is nothing wrong. If they hadn't done anything wrong. Let them investigate let them get the witness. What is the big one is the rush? Well, miss Dorothy. I think the problem is been the way in which it was revealed. The way that the Senate took it on because they don't believe it because they're all no, no, ma'am. What happened was is that Dr. Dr Ford revealed to a member of congress back in July. Okay. And then that member of congress brought it to Senator Dianne Feinstein. Exactly. And it she did not want it to be revealed mid Dr Ford, but any interim of not wanting it to be revealed. She took a polygraph and engaged a lawyer. Okay. Okay. Then it was alternately revealed not because of Dr Ford releasing Dianne Feinstein Stein from her commitment to not reveal it. Diane Feinstein had revealed it to one of our staffers who told another staffer who told another staffer and it begun to get out. So then they had a meeting of the Democrats and the Democrats decided to reveal Dr Ford's accusation unbeknownst, the doctor Ford and leaked it to the media. And that's how it got out. That's why that's why they're saying that this is political in that. And just let me finish. And not the hypocrisy is with the Democrats are saying they are so concerned about the victim. Then why did you violate the confidence of the victim? And getting it out. The reason is that they thought they had something juicy that they could use to try and delay this hearing plane and Jeff. Political. It's political. Either way you go. Bye. Oh. There don't want it because they don't want. Inviting her to get out and voted. I want to. Thank you bet. You don't. But that's okay. They've been wanting to have her come before the hearing for a while they've been negotiating for almost two weeks now. So I don't know that they're afraid of.

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