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Forty nine now confirmed dead in attacks on mosques and Christ's church. New Zealand handful of arrests after the horrific attack. Brian minister Arden calls it a terrorist attack. Those people were not on any threat rate up. As far as I'm advised currently in custody were not on security, watch less as possible motives at this early stage people who I would describe as having extremist views that have absolutely no place in New Zealand, and in fact, have no place in the world the threat level there. Now raise from low to high Tom rivers ABC news at the foreign desk. Facebook and YouTube me while move quickly after a gunman in New Zealand reportedly livestream that mass shooting. Facebook officials said police are alerted them to the video on their platform. Shortly after the livestream started they quickly removed it a car repair shop in the Linden area. That was moonlighting as an after hours clubs been shut down by the Columbus city attorney's office. ABC six is Brian magic says club. What inositol mock road was a magnet of trouble for years complaint. The clubs the source of numerous legal activity, such as violent assault, dealing strippers and multiple shootings. In fact, we were on. On the scene of one of those shootings. Last September court documents say the victim nearly bled to death after being shot in the fi. The club's owner plans to fight the action in court saying club owners have to deal with shootings the president returns to the buckeyes state next week President Donald Trump will tour the nation's last remaining tank manufacturing facility next week when he tours the joint systems manufacturing center in Lima on Wednesday. He will view the latest generation of the m one Abrams tank after that he will then head to canton for a re election fundraiser that will also benefit.

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