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I have to explain it, I don't know if that's my best haiku, but I did like the middle line about the new number to watch is 9. They say they're looking for efforting to get a number 9. They're also reports that the budget is not mind-blowing in that sense. So we'll see if they get that done over time and look pork Smith as well as Robin Fraser, I've said repeatedly that they like their options there and shinichi and Rubio, et cetera and even Michael barrios has played there before. So Doyle. This year for the rapids. Did first in the west come a little bit early? Did it change expectations in the wrong way? What should we expect from Colorado in 2022? I think more of the same. I think ending somewhere between 1.6 and 1.8 or 1.9 points per game seems about right unless they go out and get that number 9. The structure of this team is obviously so sound even having sold Sam vines. They immediately replaced them with a very good left back. I have no doubt that they'll be able to account for the loss. The sales and loan of Kellen Acosta and Cole Bassett Robin Fraser has shown he knows how to build a really solid team. And they took that to the playoffs. And they outplayed Portland for 70 minutes. And they created a number of good chances, and they did not have a playoff caliber goal scorer to put the ball in the back of the net. If you take that team last year and I don't think 1.8 points per game was a mirage. They were 1.7 points per game in like combined 20 and 21 under Robin Fraser. So it's not like they made this incredible leap. It was just steady growth. If you take that team last year and add a 20 goal scorer, then the ceiling for this team is supporter shield, the ceiling for this team is MLS cove. If you don't do that, the streaming for this team is what we saw last year. And I don't think that they will hit that ceiling because the west is better than it was last year. Key signings or losses, depending on the trade calendar Costa, that is a loss for them, but they go on the reentry draft to get Brian Acosta. Max Elvis is attacking midfielder that comes in and replaces sort of col bassets production. They would hope. Abubakar is a defender ever from the crew young guy that we've all had good words about in the past, but has some rough edges to send off. He comes in because Austin trustee will go to arsenal in the summer. Other than that, they made a bunch of re signings, made sure their core is sticking around whether it be Mark Anthony Kay or Jack price or Keegan rosenberry. Like basically the whole team. They're like, hey if you were an important part and you're in a good part of your career as far as age goes, you have a new contract. You're staying with us. We're running it back. So those are the key signings. Can I just ask Brian Acosta? What do we think they're going to get from Brian Acosta this year? Or is that sort of the whole question with Brian Acosta? It's always a question with Brian Acosta..

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