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Predictions for the rest of the NFL season


Get in, second in the NFC, east for. Me the Dallas Cowboys nine seven record. It's, not a team that I love I I liked back Prescott love rookie Dak Prescott more than the second season Dak Prescott Dax in his. Second season compared to. His first season it wasn't very good but if you look at it just in the vacuum of his second season in, the, NFL for being amid round draft pick it. Still wasn't an awful year as equal Elliott was. Suspended at the beginning of the season, you have him back the offensive lines the best in the NFL. You and I differ on their defense I think they're going to be better than you think, you're not very high on. Their defense their pass catchers or terrible I'm very interested to see who Dak Prescott throws. The. Football Two and, I've been on record of. Saying their best pass catcher is they're running back Ezekiel. Elliott which is not the. Worst thing in the world because he is a very good football. Player and. He's got a great offensive. Line, blocking for Cowboys nine. Seven my second place team, in the. NFC same for me I feel like, maybe you, copied, off, of, me, I've, got the Cowboys at. Nine and seven second place in the NFC east I got them going to and. To against, the AFC south they're, going to. Grab them losing to Houston Jacksonville but. Winning, against Tennessee in Indianapolis Texans going sixteen and others year I might we haven't gone to the AFC south yet so the slow leak of. The your predictions for. The Texans so far they beaten two teams they're gonna finished in the top half of the decide when we get there, Jeremy, but right now it's anywhere from thirteen and. Three to sixteen and we'll decide but yeah I. Mean I've got the Cowboys beating teams, like Carolina at Carolina in Carolina week one that's going to be. A good game they could easily lose that game but I see them winning it I'm down, on their defense but if. Guys make steps guys like like Byron Jones like Jalen Smith Some some. Of the players like that if they make decent. Steps to get even better this year with late late and Vandereycken coming in. You can keep Sean John Lee staying healthy is like that's, the linchpin for the Cowboys defense every year like, him his health tells you what, the Cowboys defense is going to be because. If he's in there they're one of the. They're they're a really good defense if he's out there one. Of the, worst defenses in the. League so they could be better than I'm thinking but nine and seven just I. Couldn't look at this I couldn't look at the schedule and say yeah I. They could, win games, they could win eleven games I think I think nine is tops for them..

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Predictions for the rest of the NFL season

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