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Mister Steve Courtney is so proud to present the fabulous coach from central Michigan they'll be facing Miami of Ohio Stevie yes indeed their job and as they say what a difference a year makes a year ago the chip laws of central Michigan coming off a one and eleven campaign winless by the way and mac play knowledge you allude to Paul they are on their way to the mac championship game to face the redhawks of Miami of Ohio let's talk to the architect of this turnaround shall we a man with a tremendous coaching resume head coach Jim back away and how are you come morning coach doing great how you guys doing today everything is well Sir couple of turnarounds this season in general coach but yet you go back to the beginning of this season the chips losing three other like first five ball games and it appears as though the turnaround comes after that week five loss in Kalamazoo to western you would put together a three game win streak after that put in about forty points a game on the board yeah we we you know our guys got in a lot of fun it's a great group to be around and and you know their commitment to actually do a car Adam one to make a lot more themselves than just sitting there at home on you know championship weekend in in bowl full time and just to see them grow as bin laden that's been unbelievable you know a decisive moment here as you make your run to the championship game coach coming Friday with that decisive forty nine seven win over the preseason favorite Toledo rockets in that particular ball game you're able to score on your first six possessions that's pretty if Richard makes your job a lot easier to be nice to put some like that together we can we get out boy it really would they are you know we've we've been we've been doing a pretty darn good job or guys on the options is side of the ball and and you know that we were able to do that on some short fields as well because what our defense was able to do as far as getting the ball back in and for us to be successful you know all three of the units have to be collected name and then this last ball game for sure all three were well it seems you no offense of Lee is what is propelled you to the first mac championship game for central and some ten years coach I mean you take a look at the numbers averaging thirty two point eight points per game nationally your rank twenty six in total offense but the you know the it is a very difficult thing for Miami of Ohio as they prepare for this tale is putting together game plan to stop this offense because it's so balanced averaging two hundred fifty nine yards or so through the air hundred ninety four on the ground yeah we we that that's one of the things we kind of strive to do I have been doing this a heck of a long time and I think sometimes though you know when you're one dimensional on often they don't if something isn't working in that category you know you're you're your dad and for us to the importance of being balanced it really helps us I think more than anything at the end of the game when when when you know were able to run the ball to win and and not something that we really tried to do when you look at us physically I think we probably throw it now a lot more about the middle of the third quarter and then from then on you know I'm one of those guys is not big on running scores up on people and ideas soon get the my barn and so we can all go in order to have an offense like this it certainly takes a quarterback that has mastered the offense and apparently you have a great young athlete and Quinn dormancy talk about him coaching and and what makes him special yeah I've got I've known human known about you for a long time it comes from you know from Texas where's Daddy was a you know high school football coach so we grew up in it get great knowledge and feel of the game and and he's the guy actually we played against one of the head coach at Florida he was a quarterback in Tennessee and where a couple darn good battles there and and when the when he chose to come join us I got to tell you I was really excited because he brought not only instant credibility but it brought an understanding of what it takes to compete at a high level in in the morning that what it takes to compete and prepare at a high level in that's that not only speaks for him but it's help this football team at the beginning of our conversation coach Mack when I mention the success you've had in your profession you are a former coach of the year in the mountain west conference coming off your standard Colorado state obviously our listeners are very in tune with your success at Florida you would be the SEC coach of the year in two thousand fifteen clearly the front runner for the same honor in the mac conference with success you're gonna get a lot of attention there have been rumors circulating Sir about your future is this a distraction going into this mac championship game not at all I got today I member of last year the people here in Mount Pleasant this administration I mean this is this really a great place in and were enjoying the heck out of it the one thing you know you learn you kind of they either go into coaching for the reason that trying to help you know help these players help these kids grow and you know that that's the that's the joy you get from doing it in for us watching this team achieved something that nobody thought would be really achievable you know I mean this is the team that was picked up last.

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