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I do these days and that may change but the way we were monitoring it was through t shirts and and and bruce kept the t. shirt so i get flak every now and again that i say they've meltzer's ulcers my friend but there is a fuck meltzer t. shirt over priorities now. I don't receive any money from that compensation. I just promote the show. I'm promote the <hes> the website here on the show but it's not all evil that we've done on the show. You know we did a lot of good <hes> on this show we did. I think three separate separate fundraisers we did one for ls and i know for you know the <hes> for that great organization we raise like sixty grand and we did one for american american cancer society and i think we're excess of thirty grand there and well over twenty grand for the houston flood relief so together i mean i think we've raised like two hundred thousand dollars for charity and you know eventually we started actually raise some money for ourselves. <hes> way we had two point one million downloads downloads in a month which i thought was pretty good so i went on my own and sent a pitch to mid roll and said you know hey what about this and laid out a real presentation and they made an offer and we had a guaranteed contract and for the first time i made money doing a podcast on that happened about five months in i would say are ruined and about the same time i decided hey. Let's spin off of what we've been doing here with bruce until the w._c._w. Sada things and eric bischoff at the time was was doing a podcast with nick houseman and scott bischoff on wrestling and i wanted i wanted to do w._c._w. Version but i wanted to do with somebody who i felt was sort of lock. Bruce in that eric was still very much on the wrestling space. He had been a part of t._n._a. He does shoot interviews. He'd written books richard. There's always sort of behind the scenes. Nobody really heard from him and i felt like tony. Shivani was that guy from the from the w._c._w. Side in new started in like eighty three and he was around till one so the number of years and the length sort of matched up with bruce and i felt like he was really the voice of w._c._w. So who better but most reportedly i saw him at the end of the legends fan fest and two thousand fifteen and he stole the show so fast forward and i thought this is the guy so i had his number from his him doing guest spot on ric flair podcast semtex and said hey. It's conrad introduce myself. Can i have your email. Address got an idea. I'd like to present to you so far off. An email is probably two pages long that was a real business plan for how it could monetize this and help him make some some money and it was the same format that that we were doing with bruce. Hey we've got some guys who can go sell some ads but we can do some live shows. I think we can get a guaranteed contract. If we start to get enough downloads but in the meantime okay some silly shirts you can keep all that money. I'll push mortgages every now and again. We'll get some money rolling in and and i just so happened he needed to pay for his daughter's wedding and this looked perfect opportunity to do that and i'm happy to say that that we were successful in the effort we had a real goal that we needed to hit for that and we made sure we sold enough t shirts and enough aunt sponsorships to make sure that that happened <hes> and then after that after tony's wedding he said okay <hes>. Let's start chopping up some money and so what do you know. I was making money in podcasting again but the the name of the show was what happened when and of course we wanted to just rip off the w._c._w. Logo with w. h. w. but what happened when was something that i used to say to bruce <music> all the time and something else. I used to say to bruce all the time is we ain't gonna win that..

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