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Instead gone public and resigned if you would like to answer that question either way, just go to our Twitter feed at Brian Lehrer. And we will talk about it later on the show as we get some results, but you go to see our Twitter feed and take our one question poll that we've linked to shed the anonymous op Ed writer have instead gone public and resigned. Meanwhile, one week from today Thursday. Yes, Thursday September thirteenth is primary day in New York state, as you know, we've been covering the major races, and we continue to do that right now with New York state, Lieutenant governor Kathy Hokkaido, governor Cuomo's running mate who is being challenged in the democratic primary by Brooklyn city council member Jimani Williams councilmember Williams was here on Tuesday. Lieutenant governor Hoke gets her turn. Now, one important thing for you all to know about this election before we get started. If you don't already know is that you can split your vote. In the democratic primary that is you can vote separately for governor and Lieutenant governor. And in fact, the polls show Cuomo were the big lead over Cynthia Nixon, but the Hokuto Johnny Williams race as much closer. So there's that, of course, we know a lot of polls wrong about a lot of things. So we offer that with all the grains of salt that they deserve. But those are different and the Lieutenant governor race, according to the polls is much closer and you get to vote separately in these two races. And with that Lieutenant governor Hokkaido welcome back to WNYC. Thank you. Brian. Delighted to be back and listeners we've been taking your questions for the candidates and will continue to do that in this segment. Two one two four three three WNYC for three three nine six nine two people. Don't think that much about Lieutenant governors, but anything you wanted to ask a Lieutenant governor and never had the chance as she Wentz. Reelection two one two four three three nine. Six nine to do you want to weigh in on the times op Ed should they have instead gone public and opposition to Trump and resigned? First of all, I want to commend the New York Times for their courage in putting this unsigned letter forward. This message that was basic sound like there's a hostage situation where they are captive in Whitehouse. But in their opinion, their patriotic duty requires them to stay and I'm going to respect that. I believe that we need to have people that are checks and balances outside is governor Cuomo, and I have been fighting hard against the administration. But it gives me a little more comfort to know that there are insiders who also think of our country, I and not satisfying Donald Trump's ego. What if somebody inside the Cuomo administration had published such an op Ed about this context? What would you be saying, then I would be looking at it very differently than he Donald Trump has with his extreme paranoia. If there are problems like that that someone needs to have come forward. I'd want to find out what they are. And make sure we're dressing them. Because. People deserve to have the best government possible. And I have served at every level council. Member county official a member of congress and now Lieutenant governor. So I understand is tremendous power government has the too good for people. But also as we've seen under Donald Trump incredible powered has to destroy people and destroy writes that we've cherished all of our lives. All right onto your own race, one of the biggest differences between you and tramonte Williams is he says he would treat the office of Lieutenant governor less like an assistant to the governor and more like a watchdog like the job of New York City. Public advocate is to the mayor. He says why wouldn't that be a better way to serve the people of New York, especially if governor Cuomo wins reelection. Well, it's an interesting premise, but I'll tell you why it won't work first of all the number one job of Lieutenant governor. And it has to have the experience necessary to step in for the governor. If necessary I bring that lifetime of experience and the knowledge of how government works. Secondly, four years ago, the democratic primary voters and the general election voters asked me to be governor Cuomo's partner, we have been a team for four straight years. And so you don't see the gridlock that I saw firsthand paralyzing Washington. When two men are in a fistfight with each other every day and things don't get done. So I would say as Lieutenant governor working as a partner we have been able to accomplish so much more increasing the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour ensuring that we have free education for young people who just have a better shot in life sexual assault on college campuses. I've been a champion to make sure that we Aratu Kate that and it's very beginnings. So I've worked hard, and I know that we can get more done working clever. There are other checks on the administer. It does not have to be summoned who in my judgment is more like a vice president someone who should be working closely. Like Joe Biden did with President Obama a follow up point from Germany Williams. From progressive politics standpoint, is that governor Cuomo has only done some of his most progressive things when he's under pressure from the left of the party when build Blasios elected on promising universal pre-k for the city only then did Cuomo adopted for the state when jeffer- teach out ran against them in two thousand fourteen on a fifteen dollars minimum wage among other things only. Then did he adopt the wage scale as his own with Cynthia Nixon running on legalizing, marijuana only. Then did he go from not? Yes on that. So to progressive democratic primary voters, why wouldn't they be better served having a dramatic Williams who keeps that kind of pressure on him rather than you who won't play that role when he seems to need it from their point of view. I reject the notion that he seems to need it. First of all, I personally have been a progressive. The most Republican part of the state of New York my entire life. It is much harder to flow that is western New York. And I have been a member of congress who lost my seat because I refuse to vote against the Affordable Care Act. I still with Brock Obama when he needed my support. I've also been a champion of LGBTQ rights way back before it was a popular thing to do including transgender individuals. I stood up as a county official to protect them and a champion for women's right to choose. I come from an area of the state where I was told when I first ran for office for council if you did not accept the right to lifeline. You would never win. I rejected that I stood shoulder to shoulder. Women have Planned Parenthood and reproductive rights. So first of all I am a progressive. Secondly, governor Cuomo ensured that we had marriage equality three years ahead of the rest of the nation. He didn't need any pressure to do that. He did it because it was right? The safe act. He did that in response to a crisis. When we saw children slaughtered in their classrooms. Not far from here in Connecticut. So. I reject the notion that governor Cuomo needs other people to tell him to do what's right? The two of us worked together as partner, and we put the interest of the people of New York. I every time and William slogan is any blue won't do meaning not just any democrat in this blue state and to that point the victory of Alexandria, Cossio Cortez in queens and the Bronx and the victory of Presley in Boston over an incumbent democratic congressman like the one here was over a very liberal democratic congressman Joe Crowley are examples of the new waves of progressives and younger people of color who were seen as more dedicated activists for change. Even if you and drew Monty Williams agree on most issues, why shouldn't voters in this year's democratic primary. If they're inspired by Cossio Cortez an eye on a Presley, see Jimani Williams as the more meaningful choice for this moment. I I commend them on their elections. And as women as someone is the only woman in statewide office. Currently, I'm proud to see more women stepping up, and I encourage that I have been trying to get more women to run for office since I I found hot what it takes to get elected. Secondly, I have many bright blue in a sea of red, and that takes more courage and political guts tenacity, then to declare your certain shade of blue in Brooklyn. And so I have been there on issues like I said reproductive health for women women's right to choose ensuring rights pretty LGBT community at a time. When my challenger even waffled on those issues to his own detriment, and that became an issue when he ran for city council, and that was pointed out by members of the media, not myself. So I'm not sure what color bluer talking there. But I have been blue any red part of our state, and this state is magnificent. It's larger than the five boroughs, although there normally important, but the majority of votes in a general election are going to come out of upstate New York where I'm from. And I know my goal and the governor's coal is to make sure that we elect Democrats across the board and do not have a Republican governor. Owner or Republican Senate any longer. So that's our focus. So I'm embracing the energy out there. A lot of young people have supported my Wraith. Particularly young women are excited that I've paved the way for many of them, and I'm going to continue doing so on Germany Williams, past statements on abortion rights and same sex marriage. He says those were at one time personally held positions they were never his policy positions. And maybe one capacity is Mario Cuomo the governor's father who was so famous in his day, as you know for saying as a human being as Catholic he's personally opposed to abortion. But as a politician, it's not his place to tell women what choice they should make as a matter of law, so buddy Williams on safe ground there. Now, I will tell you. It is twenty eighteen the country has moved a long way and particularly when women's reproductive. Rights are literally under assault as we speak. There are confirmation hearings going on in Washington DC and Kevin off is selected. I believe he will be as the next supreme court Justice. It is no longer chicken little saying, the sky is falling the sky will have fallen, and we need strong people who are personally committed to women's reproductive health and always have been even in tough times are tough circumstances. Like, I have to stand up to Donald Trump, and this new supreme court because we're going to have so much more to do here in the state of New York, we have to codify Roe v. Wade immediately in January, and I'm looking forward to continue to campaign to elect Democrats. So Andrew Stewart cousins is the rightful leader of the Democratic Party and will protect women's rights. Always have always will never wavered, but guest is New York state Lieutenant governor Kathy Hokuto running for renomination next. Thursday's New York state democratic primary against Brooklyn city council member Germany Williams, councilmember Williams was here on Tuesday for his candidate interview. You Lieutenant governor Hokkaido is here right now for hers, and.

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