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Hundred thirty dollars to win a hundred that makes them the largest favorite in the history of the wildcard game which dates back as an and twelve so booker you at this idea that you brought up this morning gifts that you think they're homefield advantage should mean more with it better record should mean more and a onegame playoff scenario then just home field the he's at a sixgame better records that you believe the twin should have to win an extra game i think when you look at the situation is an unfair advantage if you the better team year yeah they give you home field but when you've been the better team all year you should get an advantage and only have to win one game however if you the twins you the worst team only should you go on the road but you should have to win two games i don't like the idea of a onegame winnertakeall while car situation especially for the yankees because the one thing about these yankees especially with joe girardi managing joe girardi gets a little tight and little nervous in somebody's big games he's got to get one of the best pitchers in baseball tonight and not to get to base bali right here but it'll be very very key how does joe girardi handle me tonight because i think he's probably third fourth fifth best pitcher in baseball somewhere near depending on how you look at his stuff is outstanding slaughtered change past policy electric let him pitch they should have an advantage tonight not just a one game series in the book you down they should be able to say you know what we have the luxury says we were the better team we can have two games to win one if you the twins unique two games to win two hashtag too far tuesday for me and we're gonna come up against the end the hour here so we'll talk about this off the top i do like the idea of increasing the advantage to me that would be going a little bit too far personally i have a love hate relationship with his second wild card and i've i've talked about it over the years both with bud n with manfred and we'll do that as we continue much harder to go as we roll on just getting started on a tuesday mike.

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