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Back in the day So caught a star took this race back in the day for paul nicholls with his half-brother koldo stone as well. But this was a victory for the storyteller. Chris's dream looked all over the winter. I was very confident about delta work for the second year in a row. He's disappointed in this race. So maybe it's just a case of he needs. I run back presenting. Percy was traveling radio well for a long period of time but in the end keith. donahue. And i'm delighted for him because we've talked about the fact that keith retired from being a jockey on the sunday of cheltenham and then on the tuesday he had to watch jack kennedy win on the worst that he would have ridden the bake in the supreme novices hurdle any worked extremely hard to get back into full fitness to be a jockey and he was rewarded with victory on tiger role. Two victories on a role for that matter so delighted for him. That it's another great one For him to succeed. This is a meeting that. Gordon elliott has openly said that he targets but he's best horses and he had the storyteller prime to perfection three miles. No problem great. Run from chris's dream. a nice run from presenting percy as well but let's talk about the front first of all. What did you make of the storyteller. And chris's dream just water race was i mean. Hit already. looks like it's going to be fantastic race yesterday enough alone as we would expect. But when they rule lining up with eight of the runners sailing with a chances they jump three thousand then ran down the hill. It was just giving me goosebumps Which way it was going to go and you barely knew but you also look in presenting. Passy was still there on the inside. Christie's dream who's just a hole sight love so much he was still time king along than yours toll thing presenting passy the storyteller then on either side of him and then they'll delta guessing to walk in behind the leaders and snow. Foulsham was running a huge race as well on the coattails and after the last she just slow as you just said that. It was chris's dream. Kirsten streams race. Now and he's just going to extend away from the storyteller who will just find this grade one step to fall yes again. But he's just terrier of a whole said it was amazing. See him pick up in the way that he did on the hill and yes. He had plenty of race fitness onto his belt from this summer with his thoughts. Already this season but this was still a great one chase in that caliber of company. I wouldn't be attributing his wind simply to a fitness advantage for the opposite has it has made a difference but who'd be simply attributing it to that and he's a funny storyteller. He very much as his way of jumping offense and he must take an awful lot of knowing from jockey's perspective because as we saw earlier on in the season even when he made a bad mistake in the galway plays in dave russell him jumping two fences way out back just causes the horse confidence back and it works because he went on the off the guinness chase three days later it was. It was amazing to see. Just oh fantastic. Jokey manship on. Hose manship from dave russell. But he's just a hose he can easily kick offense out of the ground in every single race and he again. He took a while to warm up to his jumping on saturday. But at least he didn't who for now to the ground usually does which tends to put him on the back foot. But i just still keith donohue roy in so out just as he did at punchestown tune is priced. Aw when replacing. Davy russell with sato and it was commented on at the time by gary. Brian in ruby. Walsh that keith. Donohue has really grown off the mature. You've said emmett and has his head fun. We focused on the job seems given which he's been out to reap the rewards from edison sense owes. You could see the happiness in his face said when he crossed the line. It was just a brilliant win on the radio. Lovely ride as well. Subsea takes knowing your. Chris is dream. He hopes wasn't his fitches winner. But robie powell was forced to commit christmas dream to go win his race at the back of the second last by the story. Talla who roby powell would have known fisher in eakins of latin gets an advantage on him running to the final fence. He had to go in the hatsaw. Little lack of peak season fitness did just tell up the hill but Mamie because he had to go you from traveling on the bridal to committing to the win in a matter of strides on the back of the two hours. So i wouldn't be too hauch chris's dream aso. I think he's run. A lovely rates traveled like the best source in the race and presenting. fussy conundrum. Isn't a you find yourself making excuses for presenting posse telling me and saying well. He ran well he just locked this or he just liked rates that this is what concerns me with with with him constantly thinking as best as come the next day when things fall right then like it so first of all. I'll say about the story. That are racehorse to own at cheltenham festival winner. He was pulled up behind fraud on but he came within an inch of adding to his cheltenham seavy last season and was given a brilliant brilliant ride. I think everybody knew.

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