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Some news from around the world from the BBC stay tuned hello I'm Justin green with the BBC news president trump has set a stunning set of employment figures with evidence the US economy is on its way back from the coronavirus blow in Konami's had predicted that one in five Americans might have been unemployed at the end of may instead to turn a half million new jobs were created overall the old jobs resurrected under Walker reports can you take to show strong gains in employment in several sectors where the impact of the pandemic has been especially severe including leisure hospitality and retailing the rebound took many by surprise but it is consistent with the view that the previous month April was likely to have been the low point for the U. S. economy he was also encouraging the great majority of people in the seven who lost their jobs last month said they had been temporarily laid off that said unemployment is still well above the highest level it hit in the aftermath of the financial crisis a decade ago a network of more than two million people who lost their jobs permanently in my the economy's performance is still vulnerable to any set backs in the efforts to get on top of the health crisis in a rumbling news conference at the White House Mr trump also said every American must receive equal treatment from law enforcement regardless of race or gender he referred to George Floyd he's killing last week by police in Minneapolis a spot nationwide protests hopefully George's looking down right now and say there's a great thing that's happening for our country there's a great day for him it's a great day for everybody his remarks come as as renewed anger in the U. S. following more video footage of police violence against peaceful demonstrators Finland's finance minister has resigned after the match should use tens of thousands of dollars of government money the lessons in public speaking Mr Pico has the story Country Club in his career in Finnish politics had been stellar she became an MP five years ago was re elected in twenty nineteen and the same year became leader of the center party finance minister and deputy PM in some memories government which made headlines worldwide as the first one way women held hold senior roles no much of that he's gone her undoing way lessons in public speaking which she had taken to prepare for her party's annual conference at government expense the training is is said to have cost more than fifty thousand dollars despite promising to pay it all back a wave of criticism forced her to relinquish her ministerial role although she remains party leader for now Mr Biko reporting that the Czech Republic is expelling two Russian diplomats off to claims of Russian intelligence services were behind an alleged plot to kill three Czech politicians with the deadly toxin ricin they have forty eight hours to leave check media say the politicians angered Moscow by making remarks critical of Russia and the former Soviet Union you're listening to the latest world news from the BBC the officials said the bloc could start opening its borders outside tourists in July the current ban is due to expire ten days from now but the EU home affairs commissioner in the U. hun Sen said ministers at today's meeting wanted to extend it further Mr Hansen said restrictions between member states should be lifted by the end of June the authorities insure Lancashire are investigating allegations that police beat and humiliated a severity autistic teenager the fourteen year old boy was allegedly assaulted by a group of police officers and tied to a post the boys in the island's minority Muslim community some opposition politicians have called it a communal attack the police have said they used force to control the teenager but denied assaulting him in Nigeria's main cities of Lagos and Abuja rights campaigners have been out on the streets dress press anger following several recent cases of sexual violence against young women including gang rapes Celestina allay day reports the message was simple we want justice at times campaigners were visibly upset as they shouted charms and waved placards reading leave us alone one of the first to hit the headlines was the case of why they're almost to have family says she was raped and killed in a church in Benton city protest to say the Nigerian legal system fails to convict suspected rapists and a cooling for an end to the culture of silence that surrounds sexual assault one of the world's leading orchestras the Vienna Philharmonic cool tonight give its fast life performance off to the coronavirus locked down because of social distancing rules only a hundred of the music finds two thousand seats will be taken the concert will be streamed live the Custer will be performing.

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