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In Germany, so it took them twenty thirty years before they really started coming to terms of the history. You know in in the case of a country like Lithuania Lithuania was liberated from the Soviets thirty years ago. So if you say that Lithuania is going to flash the same denazification processed. Well, it's 30 years and they are still all the way there. They they have not bought a reformed and and and and don't make the assumption that Germany is all the way there because they not so often Lithuania is is particularly egregious because it's a country where there are murder sites and death puts every few miles down absolutely inescapable when in Lithuania to not to see the mass murder sites. Possible deny the Holocaust in the area but what Lithuania does is say? Well, it's not our fault the Germans the Nazis the Soviets did at home. We were just innocent victims which is entirely untrue because the Nazi process also began in the thirties and not to weigh near where the lithuanians Allied themselves and align themselves to the Nazis and started spewing the same Jew hate the same and Elation list elimination list theology that they taught to their population. That was propaganda back into the public domain. and you don't Jews who? Spoke mostly a different language who looked different from the lithuanians. It was easy to segregate. I think I think that's that by the way is a Thursday is a core element of the truth that I didn't know. I didn't understand and and by the way, I don't think I understood that as truth. Um, probably until within the last year. I didn't understand that there were collaborators who murdered Jews that were not necessarily part of Nazi Germany, right? So so remember in the beginning I said, there were there were Nazis. We we agreed there were Nazis who murdered Jews. I'm sorry six million Jews were murdered off. The assumption is that it's the Nazis who killed the Jews who murdered the choice. Right? Right. And so that that to me is a huge component where even even people I I speak dog. even today don't realize that there was average lithuanians in this case Huger killing their neighbors and I think you know you and I had had a conversation with Efraim zuroff e makes the the point and this is a such a strong point to make that there weren't enough Nazis to kill the number of Jews that that were murdered you had to have wage another um, uh group of people murdering them and that that is something I think most Americans don't know look it's it's a very easy to.

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