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He needs comforting here all make them feel better you jerk feels better all right guys all right coming out by something about with Mexico's doing asylum seekers we've done this story before but there's some new stuff going on that I want to share with you hi happening at the Mexican border US Mexican border and more importantly the Mexican Guatemalan border that's all coming up KFI AM six forty P. O. S. T. to Los Angeles Orange County on the radio debating the outcome of the debate I'm Jennifer Jones Lee live from the KFI twenty four hour news room The New York Times has described the democratic debate it hosted with C. N. N. as the moderates strike back it was the first debate since Elizabeth Warren started beating Joe Biden and some national polls warn replaced by last night as the main target of criticism senator any club which are who's viewed as a moderate went way after war and to talk about our opponents I want to give a reality check here do Elisabeth because no one on this stage wants to protect billionaire is not even the billionaire wants to protect billionaire we just have different approaches is not the only idea now that billionaire that she was referring to you on stage was Tom Steiner of California he got the least talking time out of the twelve candidates on stage it was the most crowded single night primary debate in U. S. history Bernie Sanders says he's feeling good after suffering a heart attack he also took a moment to thank the people from all over this country including many of my colleagues up here for their love for their prayers for their well wishes and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I'm so happy to be back here with you this evening the audience give Sanders a standing ovation for his return to the campaign Xander said two stents put in a couple of weeks ago to unblock an artery the fire that destroyed homes in LA's north valley is forty six percent contained fires estimated sizes increased to nearly eighty four hundred acres firefighters finish putting out a small fire yesterday at the least canyon natural gas storage facility officials have been taking samples to see if any chemicals were released a local assistance center for those affected by the fire is set to open tomorrow at the silmar recreation center the center will be open seven days a week through Saturday the twenty sixth the fire started in summer last Thursday night the cold case rape of a young girl in Orange County may have been solved by the DNA match of a convicted woman who's related to the suspected male attacker the guy's been charged with twelve felonies for grabbing the young girl in Santa Ana in twenty twelve in broad daylight these individuals have no place in our society and they ruin lives and no one wants to see these cases going salt California DO days a list a mile says before DNA searches of the national CODIS database could only look at the man this is only the second instance in state history of a familial search and which is female offender was identified as a relative of the suspect he says thousands of cases can potentially be solved with this new technology at Santa Ana PD headquarters Corbin carts and can't find his lawyers with the Anaheim school district have agreed to pay nearly eight million dollars or save the Anaheim school district has agreed to pay eight million dollars to settle one of the two sexual abuse lawsuits against former water polo coaches lawyer Morgan Stewart says the district ignored reports of abuse and failed to protect students when school districts are turning in their own people for failure mandatorily report that's when we're going to finally see any substantial change and until then going to be concerned about sending their kids to these organizations Stewart says one coach has been convicted the other is awaiting trial the state's paying for a damn problem California department of water resources is going to pay Butte county twelve million dollars to fix roads after problems with the country's tallest dam forced nearly two hundred thousand people to evacuate three counties in twenty seventeen or ville dams spillways crumbled and fell away during heavy rains give county sued last year because heavy trucks involved in repairs damaged roads Erin Bender KFI news and General Motors and nearly fifty thousand workers have reached a tentative deal to end a strike the United auto workers strike began four and a half weeks ago.

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