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To you of course by mohegan sun you check out all the possibilities at mohegan sun check them out with that said we started off with tommy in brooklyn he's on the fan hi tommy how are you are you doing oh my god tremendous tremendous i know i'm happy to hear you bass rock okay yesterday on the golf course the best china all year and i hit my head you know what i mean you can't make get up yeah i know you got your your lovely wife harry bias side that that's why we we sign up for what we sign up for right that's exactly right that's exactly right i thank god lebron made his decision while in because i know he'd be defended in the nba all week but i think diane over these calls the past couple of months with the it's funny the way these yankee fans call in and they try to paint the narrative that they that we have the trade walk your head give you anything we want to give you all these diet in the minor leagues and julie and austin take them off your hands and they just make me laugh i wanted to mention to your last month i did it three stadium walkie ball to the ballpark tension cargo regular field right tremendous many people doing the same thing diehard baseball fans it was great how is it how's that ballpark in milwaukee tommy very nice miller miller park which was real nice you know they have like a shrine to there they're not but you know after going up there they they have like video world we'll give you some of the history and kinda how he saved the he did a couple of times and it's pretty amazing you know you have all the bride worse and and everything yeah there's bad weather out there but we we really had a lot of fun regularly tremendous i was able to take a tour of the stadium the next day and that that was real the best one there to me the two best and tommy thanks for the call that i've been to a wrigley effeminate the wrigley and fenway dead they're unbelievable and especially wrigley because it's so like it's just so different there you got all those bars and everything right around it it's it's in the middle of like residential area the whole deal there to get all the statues memo to the mets all the different statue ernie banks ron santo billy williams tremendous wrigley's tremendous there's no doubt about it eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six vinnie in islip on fan i hey joe how you doing buddy what's up did just what does the trade i just don't think we have to make the right we're gonna get robbed left and right on that squad letter what out his career and that's it we saw what terrible job we're going to be good well i'd like to say we're never going to be good i mean we've had look look the mets of ideas and it did go to series for three years ago now i mean so it's not like they don't have grudges but they just the mid has no consistency with this franchise there's more down than good with the mets there really is i mean it just seems like there's more doc periods with this franchise then the result periods they've never been.

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