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Chick-fil-A named Americans’ favorite fast-food restaurant


A the man accused of intentionally running down a new tampa family was in a hillsborough courtroom today mckee's moore's asked that orlando attorney james smith defend him against charges of first degree murder and attempted murder after the hearing morse's mother said the system failed her mentally ill son this situation much about the failures and i'm so appalled that we had to just get private counsel for our son more charged with intentionally running over forty two year old pedro agwu berry killing him and injuring his two young sons two weeks ago hurricane barrel is heading west toward the lesser antilles and could strengthen a bit but weather channel meteorologist scott larimore says the first hurricane of twenty eighteen should weaken this weekend we do expect it to maintain its minimal hurricane status here throughout the day today and into the top of the weekend but then by saturday afternoon as it approaches some of the island chain expected to weaken it's a ford speed a little bit and so it will be a rainmaker and a wind maker for the caribbean there are more says there's also another disturbance off the carolinas that will probably become a tropical storm but stay off shore as it moves northward the number of illegal immigrants trying to cross the us mexico border was down eighteen percent in june new data from us customs and border protection shows apprehensions were down for the fiscal year that ended june thirtieth the trump administration says the zero tolerance policy is keeping migrants away but some analysts say captures along the southwest border have been historically low for the past five years the labor department says two hundred thirteen thousand jobs were created in june but the unemployment rate rose two tenths of a percent to an even four percent feeding alligators may have encouraged an attack on a horse in pasco county mike santos says his twenty one year old horse crown suffered a large gash on his hind quarters after going into a pond akuila off santo believes that people have been feeding the gator that attacked his horse have wc says alligators can overcome their natural wariness of humans when they are fed and that can make them aggressive it is illegal to feed an alligator in florida tonight's chris brown concert admit florida amphitheater is still on according to the singer's instagram account brown was arrested in west palm beach last night on a warrant out of hillsborough county he's charged with felony battery for allegedly punching a photographer at a tampa nightclub in april of two thousand seventeen this isn't brown's first brush with the law he pled guilty to felony assault for beating up then girlfriend riana in two thousand nine and was arrested in two thousand sixteen for assault with a deadly weapon elvis costello has cancelled the rest of his european tour the british singer songwriter announcing today that he is recovering from surgery for what he described as a small but very aggressive cancer the sixty three year old said he has to accept it's going to take longer than he would have liked to recover his full strength well when it comes to america's favorite fast food restaurant burgers just aren't king anymore for the third year in a row chickfila is number one among america's fast food restaurants according to.

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Chick-fil-A named Americans’ favorite fast-food restaurant

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